Answer Monday!

In this segment, more discontent with Paul Dee.

Q: Trojan Conquest said:
If you were convicted and sentenced of murder, and then it was found out that one of the jury was a practicing serial killer, would the conviction and sentence hold up?

A: I sure hope not.

Q: dtksr1 said:
Scott, this USC sanctions situation isn’t going away any time soon. As you now know, Miami is said to be the recipient of big time booster assistance from 2000 to 2010 on everything not permissable to the NCAA guidelines. From 2000 to 2008, the same Paul Dees, who was the chairman of the sanctions committee who threw the next best penalties at SC since SMU got the death penalty and said the program deserved every bit of it, was the AD at Miami. Here will be another opportunity of how hypercritical the NCAA will show itself and I am sure Pat Haden will get some more “attitutde” for his apologetic nature from fans, alumni and of course others who think SC’s administration is a chump for turning the other cheek.

A: I thought it was interesting USC did not at least formally notify the NCAA that it wanted the case revisited instead of Max Nikias’ statement saying the matter is closed.

Q:TrojanChamp said:

How many silent commits does USC have? Thank you.

A: I’ve heard two during training camp.

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  • JAG

    Every season, Wolf gets asked the same question about silent commits. And every season…he answers “two”. Never “one”. Never “three”. Doesn’t matter who the head coach is, or if USC is on probation. Always “two”. If your gonna make it up, at least mix it, OK Scotty.