On The Hot Seat

USC coach Lane Kiffin made the Hot Seat list for the venerable publication, the Gold Sheet.
Money quote: “Although Kiffin fared well in recent recruiting, a subpar Trojan performance in 2011, considered very possible by regional sources, could get the ball rolling quickly against Kiffin, whom many are convinced is not the proper fit to lead the Trojans through their turbulent probationary period.”

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  • Trojan 70

    If he wins 9-10 games this year he will be a hero. Who are the “regional sources” Wolf? “Many are convinced” -who is that? Typical lackluster reporting, no wonder you are at that third rate paper whose name I can’t even conjure up at this moment.

  • matthew

    He was quoting The Gold Sheet, dude. Calm down.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Wolf loves the Gold sheet. A source nobody cares about. Me thinks Gargamel moonlights with them…

  • obama the jew hater

    Trojan 70, read the damn article before you launch into your silly assed rant. Kiffin is not qualified to coach a Pop Warner team, he will fail, he will get canned, USC will hire a competent coach to lead them back, period.

  • Mr. Positive

    Lord, grant me the serenity to accept that USC may not go undefeated this year; the confident belief that Coach Kiff will lead USC to a glorious future; and the wisdom to sober up before I drive home from another USC victory!

  • lbc trojan

    Lane Kiffin with a first-year coaching staff in a program on probation goes 8-5 and he’s on the “hot seat?” Ok, sure…
    Always better than being a UCLA football fan.

  • Trojan 70

    OBTJH – you don’t like Kiffin so your opinion doesn’t count. By the way, who do you like? I read the article on the blog across town.

  • Gillyking

    @Trojan 70. If you’re a real Trojan, you wouldn’t be wasting your(or our)time associating with that “blog across town” Have you not noticed how the “cross town” bloggers that show up here are all just a bunch of sick fucks? I’m hoping that you are not seen in the same light across those tracks into that den of insolent impudence!

    I personally think that Kiffin & Co. is the right fit for this sanctionings sequence. Their recruiting success will be what keeps us afloat during those challenging 2013,14,15 etc.. seasons. Granted, Monte might be needing to show marked upgrading of his defense, but the rest of the package seems like the right fit to me.

    “across town” is irrellevance, highly recommend spending your time a little more wisely! lol

    Fight On

  • Gillyking is dog T-U-R-D turd.

  • NOBS

    Gilly, you are so right. Professor Slob just learned how to spell t-u-r-d, so he uses it as often as possible. But if you stay around long enough, Professor Slob will pontificate about U.S. history and you will totally laugh your @$$ off. Go easy on JBoy, er, I mean Professor Slob.

  • Gillyking

    RuinBoob is just one (of the same)irrellevant insolent sick fucks that I described above. It’s not worth it to engage bottom feeders, but thanks for your advice.
    Fight On Trojans!