Open Forum

Time for more questions with the Minnesota game approaching. One per person please.

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  • $uckaFREE

    How many silent commits do we have at the moment and can you say which side of the ball they play on? Thanks.

  • Trojan Conquest

    What would you consider to be a successful game against Minnesota? For Barkley? For the defense?

  • CWald3

    Hi Scott, can you comment on why Barkley is the PAT holder? It seems like an unnecessary risk of injury. It would be really great for the readers if you could ask Lane Kiffin why this is and why he isn’t using Dillon Baxter a that role that seems so fit for his talents in the Wildcat formation.

  • TrojaninDC

    After four years in Los Angeles, are you surprised the Beckhams have not converted to Scientology? Does that not seem like a trendy Hollywood thing those two would have surely become a part of by now to show they are part of the cool crowd?


    Don’t you think Max Nikias’ got a tad ahead of himself by announcing the school would do nothing after finding out what the triple chin AD did at Miami? One would think that the AD ,who is a lawyer, and I’m sure SC has outside legal council as well, would have told him to shut up at least until the McNair verdict was in. Does USC have any feet left to shoot themselves in?

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Man United 8 Arsenal 2, how bad is Arsenal Scott?

  • trojancr

    The vegas over/under for usc reg. season wins is 7.5, wheres your money at?

  • VB’s Office Plant

    How much are you going to miss the bruins who will dissapear once again as soon as the games begin and thier team begins to suck.

  • dtksr1

    Is Ed Orgeron aware of Monrovia’s 6-foot-4 305 pound senior defensive lineman Ellis Mc Carthy who has been timed at 4.9 on the 40 and has 25 sacks during the last 2 seasons? I don’t remember seeing his name as an SC recruiting target. Is there a reason(s) why?


    What do you think are the reasons max [sic]decided to not ask the ncaa to re-visit the case, and, if McNair wins his suit, are there any hopes that he would do it then? Thanx in advance.


    Q: SCFTBL1 said:
    Will Frank Gifford be at Salute To Troy?

    A: I fully expect him to be there in August. And Kathie Lee too. That should add to the entertainment at the ususally dreary event.

    Frank was in Connecticut and Katie Lee was in Santa Barbara at the Kardashian wedding.

    To quote Howard Cosell: “Who goofed! I’ve got to know”.

  • TrojanPete

    What do you think the chances are of Miami being forced to rid themselves of Paul Dee just like we did with Reggie Bush when/if the NCAA comes down on them? Dee is in their Sports HOF despite being the most evil, incompetent, disturbed, horrible human being to “serve” college sports.

  • uscmike

    Hi Scott, it’s prediction time:

    What will be USC’s record (overall and conference) this season? Who beats USC this season? No waffling allowed. As always, thanks for the forum Scott.

  • gotroy22

    What is your opinion of the demise of the long time USC blog and messageboard, which goes back in some form to the 1990s John Robinson/Paul Hackett era, after the owner and chief writer Garry Paskewitz sold the internet property to Disney affiliate

  • Pop Goes The Weasel

    Scott, what can we do as alumni to get Max out ASAP? Thank you.

  • Chiete76

    You given us some quick stats/updates on the kicking game so far. Since they are all new and some very young,can you flesh out your thoughts on what you expect? Improved or not over last year?

  • Paul Dee’s Triple Chin

    Have you heard anything about McNair’s suit against the NCAA. I was getting hungry and they always have the best spread at the hearings and inquisitions. Do you think I’ll be invited to testify seeing as how I’m almost single-handedly responsible for wrecking that poor man’s career?


    Can you tell us if our two silent commits are offensive linemen? Thank you and thanks for the forums too.

  • The Ghost of John McKay

    Scott, if you had different job, would you be in the stands rooting for USC, at home watching TV and rooting for USC or at home or in a pub watching the EPL and not caring about USC football?

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    I hear your favorite USC alum Petros Papadakis will be roaming the sidelines for FSW this year like Tony Saragusa. At the first game in Houston, who is more likely to faint, Petros due to the heat, or Bruin fans to to the shock of losing to a Conference USA school?

  • norcaltroy

    SW, have you ever met Paul Dee in person? If so, is he as disgusting as he appears in picture and video?


    How is Jesse Scroggins? When will he be back and be able to practice? Thank you

  • Karrillo

    Some people seemed to think that Jim Harbaugh traded Taylor Mays because Mays was one of Pete Carroll’s players but the 49ers currently have Nick Howell, Chilo Rachal, Ronald Johnson and CJ Gable on their roster – the last two having been signed when Harbaugh was in charge.
    I’ve heard Mays’ technique being questioned but that seems to be something that can be taught and I’ve never heard his attitude, effort or intelligence being criticized. What is it about Mays that Harbaugh didn’t like so much?

  • LanceKiffin

    Is your editorial goal to be the Deadspin of the various USC beat writers/blogs around town? For example, you devote a blog entry to the video board implying that it will not be ready and then a single line at the bottom of the print edition when it looks like it is on track. Same thing with the closed practice, a blog entry stating Kiffin is copying Sark and then when it turns out it was a day off/surprise pool party, one line buried in the morning briefing. Instead we get a photo of Carroll shaking hands with John Fox that made no sense to me.

  • marvgoux

    Why did star sophomore outside hitter Falyn Fonoimoana suddenly leave the team and do you think her loss will cost the Ladies of Troy the chance to beat Penn State out for another NCAA women’s volleyball crown?

  • sureshot

    Who do you utilize as fact check/editor of this blog? The stats you used for Northern Illinois’ offense were all kinds of wrong plus, you told Kiffin that Christian Tatupu played linebacker in the 2000’s and that radio girl that USC is playing 13 games this year.

    Are you really, really, really, really distracted, or is there something else going on here?

  • Scott, who has a better chance to start the season 3-0 UCLA or USC?

  • Sam Gilbert

    Sammy Knight is one of my all-time favorite Trojan players, is he ready to run the secondary and/or is Daylon McCutcheon?

  • Fallen Dynasty

    Coach Kiffin’s post game comments after the Minnesota game show he’s either very immature or classless for throwing the other offensive players, the one’s he actually played and who I’m sure tried very hard, under the bus. If USC starts a lengthy losing streak, do you see the team quitting on him, player defections after the season is over and shouldn’t Kiffin look in mirror for his team’s offensive failings in the first game?