Scouting Minnesota

New Minnesota coach Jerry Kill likes to run the ball. His old team, Northern Illinois, ran for 154 yards per game last season but passed for only 132. In 2009, Northern Illinois passed for only 87 yards and ran for 127 per game.
That should help USC although linebacker Chris Galippo said he expects some spread-option plays. And I always remember what an NFL coach told me after watching USC games on film last season: Does the defense account for the quarterback in the spread offense?”

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  • Paul Dee’s Triple Chin

    Dude, where do you get your information?

    After seeing your very dubious-looking statistics, I made my way around the internet for a quick double check and found the following:

    2010 Northern Illinois Offense:
    260.4 yards per game (rushing)
    189.6 yards per game (passing)
    450 yards per game (total)

    2009 Northern Illinois Offense:
    195.2 yards per game (rushing)
    150.0 yards per game (passing)
    345.2 yards per game (total)

    Try to be less terrible at your job there, Scooter!

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here



    In Wolf’s defense, he was “looking California” while he was scouting Minnesota.

  • Tyler

    Scott’s a clown. He didn’t think that a team averaging only 214 yards of offense a game for an entire season was suspicious? Why do you even have a job?


    “Does the defense account for the quarterback in the spread offense?”– This is the second time in a week ol’ Scott has used this line. I guess if a comment is good the first time, perhaps it will be o.k. the second time in the telling.

  • arealrascal

    Why do I come to this blog when I am not really an SC guy and the blogger does such shoddy work?
    It’s the comments.
    You Bruin fans, I dunno. You probably shouldn’t be talkin’ much football smack until things improve over there, but in the meantime I’m disappointed you’re not in here every day pointing out that this blogger is an ‘SC grad…

  • “Count” Smackula

    Rascal: zee better question is, vhy do all zee torgans come here, if zey hate zee Volfman? Vith all zere complainink, I am zinkink maybe zey are all… vhat is the vord…idiots?

    Zee Volfman is zee bomb!

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    @”count” if you’re above the age of 16, you should be beyond embarrassed spending your time writing like that. Wow, UCLA fans, pretty sad