Answer Tuesday!

In this segment, questions on the tailback rotation and how Ted Tollner got hired.

Q: Edward said:
Could you list the players that are on scholarship for the 2011 Trojans, or the ones that are not (of the 105 limit roster)?

A: There are about 79-80 on scholarship right now. There’s too many names to list but if you don’t recognize a player, chances are they are a walk-on.

Q: Sam Gilbert said:
Who do you think should get what percentage of carries between the running backs?

A: I’m not opposed to a tailback-by-committee approach as long as the running game is fluid. I’d probably give Curtis McNeal 20 percent, Dillon Baxter 40 percent and D.J. Morgan 40 percent for the first game.

Q: Karrillo said:
Will Rhett Ellison get any carries or is he just playing fullback to block?

A: I think his task will be to catch passes and block. If USC is in a short-yardage situation, it will be up the tailback. Or Matt Barkley on a sneak.

Q: Fallen Dynasty said:
Do you think USC would have had 20+ years of mediocrity had Dave Levy been named head coach instead of Ted Tollner and who was responsible for naming Tollner and why was Levy not given the job and was he even considered?

A: No, I don’t. Levy knew USC traditions as a long-time John McKay assistant and would have been a good choice. But here’s what happened: John Robinson resigned. The school president, James Zumberge, asked Robinson who to hire. Robinson said Tollner. Zumberge liked the idea because Tollner was not an old-guard USC assistant (like Levy) and he felt Tollner would be controllable. Tollner was also new and not tied to any regimes that broke NCAA rules.

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  • Lane Kiffin

    Levy was stunned when Robo was hired after McKay quit. Not after Robo resigned. Tollner was not that big a surprise. Robo 1 was the surprise hire.
    Almost as surprising but not as stupid as the Goatboy Kiffin hire.