• jack

    Ya Wolfe we heard your pathetic interview with Petros. You want to know the reason that Kiffin won’t give you the time of day? Because you act like a whiny little biotch all the time making these asinine comments on your blog. Respect is earned not given. You think that Kiffin does the same thing to Gary Klein at the LA Times? No chance. Why? Probably because Klein doesn’t act like a spoiled little biotch every time he doesn’t get his way the way you do.

  • dtksr1

    You have to admit Scott Wolf, even though Petros is full of himself and likes to ramble on lolling you to sleep, he sneaks in tough-to-the point questions that are very astute and you were caught having to think about a few of them before answering, and then you didn’t answer them at all. Could you have?

  • DiamondD

    These keep getting more and more disappointing. Neither party seems like they want to be going through with it.

    Besides, Papadakis now rides or dies for ucla. Scott can’t get himself to work with Kiffin. What can get accomplished in these conversations anymore.


    It’s just after 4 in the morning and I can’t bring myself to listen to this 13-minute Wolf segment. Couldn’t he have just condensed it to a paragraph or two in writing so we could get to it more quickly? Or did he impart enough useful info to fill up 2 paragraphs?

  • SC for LIFE

    My God… I’ve never heard a worse interview in my life. Thanks for telling us absolutely nothing Scott. I can’t believe Petros and Money continue to put you on the air…

  • NOBS

    Life, then you didn’t hear Scott’s LAST interview with Petros OR ANY interview with Petros’ dad.