Radio, Radio

I will be appearing on the Petros and Money Show (570-AM) around 3:30 today.

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  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    You should as SC for Life my question I posted in the open forum…

  • I will be listening Scott. Thanks for letting all your fans know. Keep up the great work.

  • NOBS

    Slob,quit listening to the radio and get those toilets clean. Of course I’m sure you only have am radio.

    BTW, JBoy, aka Professor Slob, when is your next U.S. history lesson? hahahahahaha what a loser.

  • @KNOBBED by his poodle – I will let you know on my next U.S. History lesson, so you can learn something, you a##hole. When will your poodle unload inside you a## again? I bet he’s doing it as we speak.

  • NOBS

    Professor Slob, can’t wait til your next class. Cream cheese included? I doubt I can learn anything from an empty suit like you. Now quit wasting time on this blog and get those toilets cleaned at Denny’s. Slick Rick just hates those dirty restrooms when dining at Denny’s. hahahahahaha Is the kid ok? My dog got out last night and came home in a great mood. Figured he’d been at your place again. yes sir eeetos. ROFLMAO

  • @KNOBBED by his poodle – you dog came home in a great mood because he knew he was about to get his balls licked and bury his schlong inside you a$$…that’s why he was in such a good mood. what a tool! ROTFLMAO

  • NOBS

    Professor Slob,aka JBoy, can’t you be a little more original? Didn’t think so. Anyway it was cool watching your two kids go at it last night. FUCSB. I guess he’ll be ready now. I know she is. hahahahaha Can’t wait for your next US history lesson. ROFLMAO What a douche bag.

  • @KNOBBED by his poodle – what’s the matter lilfag? are you tongue tied? probably from sticking it in your poodle’s ass too many times. freak! ROTFLMAO

  • NOBS

    JBoy, when’s the next class? hahahahaha. What a fool. Quit trying to re-tred all your posts. Be original and get those restrooms clean at Denny’s. Good old Professor Slob. ROFLMAO