Practice Update

Lane Kiffin said 30 touchdown passes and 10 interceptions is a “realistic” goal for Matt Barkley this season. Left guard Abe Markowitz’s foot remains in a boot and he did not practice but Kiffin did not rule him out of the game. USC has not said what is wrong with the foot but sources said doctors are worried the foot shows the same characteristics of the foot he broke last season.
Tailback Javorious Allen was finally cleared academically and will join the team tomorrow, Kiffin said. No word yet on Armond Armstead. Tailback Dillon Baxter did not get as many reps as Curtis McNeal and D.J. Morgan but Kiffin said he will still play all the tailbacks.

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  • UCLA Dynasty

    HEY-Ohhh! It must be open mike night at Heritage Field. I can see Lame Kitten going for that deadpan Steven Wright delivery “I see Fatt Barkcheese tossing 30 TDs and less than 10 picks.” Cue the laugh track. “I have a map of the Unites States, it’s actual size.”

    With that Switch Ease line he’s going to be running for his life, so at least by the end of the season he’ll work off a few of those Texas Tomato burgers from Pup N Taco. Awww, who am I kidding, he’ll just double down on a couple Taco Burgers to ease his pain of failure.

  • spedjones

    So two Trogans walk into a bar and one asks “how many picks do you think Pick 6 Barkley will throw this year”? The other Trogan says, “um, dunno…maybe 19”. The first guy says “yeah, that’s about right”. The end.

  • in sheep’s clothing

    if we’re still doing RB by committee at this stage of fall camp, it’s pretty clear we need tyler back in the fold to have a decent running attack/backfield blocking.

  • Wow, the intellect of the bRuin trolls is that comment here is astonishing…

  • $uckaFREE

    I bet Barkley throws as many picks(12) as Kevin Prince and Breuhoe throw TD’s this year…

  • Trojan 70

    Really funny sped, go back to sleep ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
    I will wake you up after another bruin year of 4 and 8 with your buddy neuweasel down the road.

  • huntingtonharvey

    That would be somewhat realistic given his 26 TD and 12 INT season last year when he completed 63% of his 377 passes for 2791 yds w/ 16 sacks. Esp. as his receiving corp. matures along with him. But if the running game doesn’t develop and the defense puts the team in shoot out situations, Barkley will have to force and the INTs will increase.

    It is interesting to note that even Peyton Manning was 20/12 TD/INT at 64% his junior year. Manning threw 11 INTs his Sr. year with a 60% completion rate. His yds were much more than Barkley though.

    Last year all these guys with similar builds threw 335+ passes in similar offenses to USC, but they had better defenses and running games.
    R. Stanzi 25/6 64% 3004 yds 19 sacks
    A. Murray 24/8 61% 3049 yds 24 sacks
    K. Cousins 20/10 67% 2825 yds 20 sacks

    I don’t see why Barkley couldn’t be just as good if he checks down more and maybe gives up a few sacks versus throwing INTs.

    By the way A. Luck was 32/8 TD/INT with 71% and 3338 yds and only 6 sacks, which is pretty amazing. Barkley will never be able to have that low of sacks since he has nowhere near the mobility of Luck. But Luck had a better offensive line and running game as well.

  • obama the jew hater

    25 td’s 18 int’s and that might be kind.

  • Mr. Positive

    I see the Cadre is still doing trolling-by-committee, trying to find a Bruin fan who can move their big ball of envy and bitterness a few yards!

    The trolls must have been inspired by Coach Neuheisel’s QB-by-committee approach!!

    And hey, Jew Hater, ease up on Barkley — he loves Jesus for sure!!!

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Mr. Positive putting those Tea Partiers in their place!!! Mr. Positive FTMFW!!

  • @Mr. Positive – you’re becoming like the rest of the condoms – negative.

    @MonoTheHomo – you’re about as queer as a three dollar bill.

  • Sam GiIbert

    OMG! I see the Nattering Negative nabobers have finally gotten to Mr Positive. It was like sending a Trojan into a gay bar…eventually, he will be cuddling up in the corner with a sweaty, leather-clad, heavily-mustachioed biker.

    Where the hell is WEB Dupree?? If there was ever a soul that needed saving and churching up, its MP! Oh testify, Dupree, TESTIFY!

    Dynasty: MMMMM Pup ‘n Taco…used to be the best!