Double Duty

Lane Kiffin conceded holding dual roles of head coach and offensive coordinator requires a bigger burden.
“It is taxing compared to just when you are only a coordinator,” Kiffin said. “You just have to manage your time.”
I’m sure a lot of USC fans wish he would relinquish at least one of those roles tonight.

8 thoughts on “Double Duty

  1. On the Topic of relinquishing roles, can the incompetent PAt HAden go back to the Baord of trustees So we can hire a real AD with some Bite. Some One who can stand up to the NCAA and expose poeple like Paul Dee for who they really are Like Mike Garrett.
    PAt HAden is a talker not a do-er even if Kiffin has 7 losses each of the next 5 years. PAt haden would be hard pressed to fire him stating “we are analyzing the situation”. BRING IN A REAL AD Send the commentator back to South BEND where he belongs with TOM Hammond

  2. Yeah, get Garrett back. He’s so freaking lazy he wouldn’t know who was coaching what, since he didn’t even get involved with finding a coach after PC left, he had an aide tell him who to hire, the lazy fawk. Hire Marcus Allen, he still seems to know the USC traditions, I think Haden forgot them and Kiffin never knew them or cared to know them.

  3. Maybe we all are forgetting the architect who brought Pete Carroll to USC and ushered in the most successful era in SC history. Sample and Garrett reigned over the golden age of USC. PAt HAden will marginalize everything about USC. Mike garrett treated players like his sons, cared for the university like no other and respected everything it stood for untill he was stabbed in the back. Haden could care less about the student athletes as long as he can appease Nikias and continue his smooth talking ways which he honed on the Notre Dame broadcast network he could care less about what happens with the NCAA and proving USC was wronged. As long as he looks good and does not cause waves Life is good for the quarterback with no arm who rose to prominence not on his talent but on the talent behind him at tailback U

  4. I agree that Pat Haden is a terrible athletic director for USC. However, Mike Garrett was terrible as well. Garrett is the reason USC is in this mess! To make matters worse, Haden chooses to do nothing about it.

    Like I said before: when USC should have been contrite and cooperative with the NCAA, they chose to fight. Now USC needs to be defiant and arrogant, instead they are contrite and overly cooperative. The athletic department has left USC fans out in the cold.

    Regarding Lane Kiffin, Lane made a big mistake in scuttling the Norm Chow hire two years ago. Lane obviously thinks highly of himself as a head coach and offensive coordinator: an inflated and unrealistic sense of self.

    Lane will never:

    * Hire an offensive coordinator and relinquish all control to the coordinator.

    * Fire his father.

    He will be fired before all that happens.

  5. Kiffin has a crew of some of the best running backs in the country, but if Woods gets hurt, Barkley would crumble. You’ve got to run as well as pass. Football 101 is running which sets up the pass, duh!
    No wonder Dillon Baxter is upset as well as McNeal.

    If Kiffin could set aside his big ego and bring in an Offensive Coordinator or better yet, RESIGN!!

  6. Garrett had nothing to do with finding PC, he had him brought to him by Gross. MG wanted to hire Holtaz, Erickson and Belotti, Garrett is a tard.

  7. Obummer, this is getting old. WHO hired Gross? Yes, correct, Mike Garrett. By the time Haden is finished, you’ll be on your knees begging for Garrett. Say what you wish, but MG was a WINNER. A d!ck? Maybe. But a WINNER and an AD that CARED about athletics.

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