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Lane Kiffin said he did not care if Dillon Baxter was unhappy or might “check out” mentally if he did not play.
“We don’t concern ourselves with that, if players are going to check out, that’s unfortunate,” Kiffin said.

5 thoughts on “More On Baxter

  1. Believe me, there are a lot of families that want to have that talk with Kiffin. He has three-five Star recruits standing on the sidelines with their helmets in hand that are busting their butts in practice getting lots of reps and come game time they just stand around while Kiffin stares into his plays card. Quit micro-managing Kiffin and use all the talents that you’ve been given instead of ignoring them. Pete didn’t coach that way…Kiffin is a joke of the first order!

  2. Maybe Baxter and his Mommy and Daddy think he should have gotten reps instead of Robert Woods, who averaged more than 10 yards per touch.

    He just better get used to having a couple touches per game this year. Tyler comes in and they can simplify the run blocking by letting him go north and south. The other backs seem to need a lot more space to get up a head of steam.

  3. What about the wildcat to use Baxter more often. He definitely should have been given a few carries. Using him as a pass receiver would have been nice coming out of the backfield. Kennedy Polamalu has to share some of the oversight in this case. Kiffin is way too cerebral to be a good play caller from the sidelines. It was easy for him as an assistant when he had Leinart, Bush, White, Jarrett at his disposal. He wasted Havili’s talent last season and moving Ellison to fullback is a mistake when he is a top flight TE in his senior year.

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