Sunday Night With Kiffin

The news of the day is that tailback Dillon Baxter’s family requested and had a long meeting with Lane Kiffin today. Baxter did not get a carry in the Minnesota game and was visibly disappointed after the game.
Kiffin said the subject of transferring did not come up in the conversation.
“It happens a lot especially with highly recruited players,” Kiffin said. “You have to explain why things are happening.”
Kiffin said Marc Tyler’s status is unchanged but he “may have something shortly” regarding it.

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  • BoscoH

    This kid is still trouble. And his family is trouble,

  • ThaiMex

    My advice to Dillon…burn one and chill…

  • datrout

    Dillon should transfer to a FCS (DIAA) School and at least play. He is never going to get out of the dog house of this staff so why stay? For as much as he did last year this year as been a complete turn around. However it appears that the staff is just not “loven them some DB”. He should play out this season and move on. This kid graduated from HS early to attend SC and has a better GPA than others who are playing but were too stupid to stay eligable last year (CJ)and while he did childish things last year at least he’s not a drunken punk az# wanna be(Tyler) thug who beats up chicks in bars!

    This kid stuck by SC after the former punk az# wanna be little turd (Bush) landed the program in the mess its in along with a coaching staff who turned their back and avoided taking responsibility for Bush and his family’s actions. Had Carroll stepped up and the school looked into the matter and done the proper thing waaaaaaayyyy back there would be no crap now.

    Move on DB. This is a .500 team with nothing to play for and next year they’ll ne a sub .500 team and Kiffen will lose his job as they bring in some one else “post penalties” to set a new course. You will have a better than 3.0 GPA with more than 5 semisters of credit and 2 years left to actually play. Hopefully you will have grown up enough that you won’t repeat any of the mistakes you have made early on that will be held against you at your next school.

  • datrout

    I ment to say that the stupi one who can’t stay eligable was (DJ)…not (CJ). My bad.

  • bushwhite

    just tell him to transfer. This is another vidal hazelton waiting to happen. i am so tired of these parents complaining about playing time they are not in the position to advise a Div 1 football coach how to run his program. If they don’t like it then leave and go to another school. Just ask E Moody how well that works out.

  • bushwhite

    I mean honestly, back in the 60’s and 70’s freshman were not even allowed to play. Now they expect to come in and start as freshman and play every down for their 3 years until they can jump to the nfl..sad state of affairs.