More Decoding

Lane Kiffin said, “We’ve got two good players on our offense” in the TV interview after the Minnesota game referring to Matt Barkley and Robert Woods.
Remember on August 17th, he said this about team captain Rhett Ellison: “He’s just awesome.”

5 thoughts on “More Decoding

  1. I dont care if your a coach with a winning or losing record, you never slap your team in the face with comments like that. How would he expect his team to believe in and trust him when they’re facing adversity with comments like that. He didn’t even give credit to to the other 9

  2. Keep em coming Lane old boy, the team will quit on you real quit if you keep it up. What a joke Kiffin is.

  3. Why do you automatically believe he was referring to Woods & Barkley? Perhaps Woods & Ellison?

  4. Haden just fire this bum Goatboy Kiffin before it gets real real bad … maybe the Hackett type crowds that are coming will get it done. Goatboy Kiffin is a disaster.

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