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It can be tough decoding Lane Kiffin’s comments. Take last week for example. When he said, “A ton of players that never played a snap before will play,” he really meant only 43 players would play against Minnesota and just three true freshmen.
When he said “it doesn’t mean anything” that he never mentioned Dillon Baxter but complimented D.J. Morgan and Curtis McNeal leading up to the game, he really meant Baxter would not get a carry against Minnesota.
When he said it didn’t matter if Jeremy Galten started at left guard because “we are going to rotate,” he really meant Galten would play every snap.
This should make things easier to figure out the next 11 games.

15 thoughts on “Morning Buzz

  1. Did you really expect Lame Kitten to start telling the truth? This guy’s been dirty since he was dropping off bags of money to Lloyd Lake on the streets of Beverly Hills.

    And now Willie Mack Lyles abruptly resigns because Charles Robinson is hot on your guys’ azz again. Hello Death Penalty. Didn’t the last sanctions teach you dummies anything? You can’t pay players no matter how much you need to in order to come to the worst part of town.

  2. Until Lane Kiffin feels he has the team & his job security where it is comfortable, he is going to do what “he feels” gives him the best chance to win games. He is still considered a young-resume’ building head coach with the small number of years he’s had that position. What he says is besides the point and might be purposely said for others to hear. You should know this by now Scott Wolf.

  3. That’s correct, dtksr1, and I might add the fact that every football game is unique unto itself, and a coach is not going to play it exactly the way he planned it.

    I am sure Kiff wanted to play a ton of players and rotate the offensive linemen and perhaps even give Baxter a look at the game, but it turned out to be a tight contest and he had to leave in who he thought was best to the very end.

  4. Maybe if the Kiffer had a competent game plan against a totally inferior opponent, he could have used more players. Look for kids to leave and this team to quit on him this year, he’s a freaking disaster.

  5. OTJH:
    I think you will be proven correct, I expect many of the young players who now have heard Kiff’s Slanted remark regarding the offense will in fact lay down this year and then transfer. Why not! no conference championship, no bowl games, coach shits on them on TV, they have nothing to lose.
    It’s one thing to catch hell in the locker room, but to have your coach rag his team on National TV, is another.

    All this talk from Kiffin about Baxter growing up, after his debacle on TV Saturday, Kiff needs to follow his own advice.

  6. On ESPNs Palmer and Pollack Show they gave Kiffin tne game ball for his play calling and management of the very young & inexperienced offense. 2 guys on the O line with college level experience. Keeping Barks safe was key to the game plan, along with winning.

  7. Oh bruins your team is 0 – 1. Your season is 0fer. Move along kiddies we are talking real college football over here. See you in January

  8. Did Palmer and Pollock hear him throw his “young and inexperienced” offense under the bus after the game?

  9. Kiffin is a joke. He doesn’t know how to coach or lead. He will drive this program into the ground, and our dumbass AD is too soft to do anything about it. It’s over kids – the run was good while it lasted, now it’s time to come to terms with reality.

  10. The run can come back fast, Haden just needs to grow a pair and can Kiffin before it gets real bad and other schools start raiding So Cal’s top talent like they did in the 80’s. If Haden doesn’t have a short list for new coaches at his fingertips now, he better get one soon cuz Kiffin isn’t going to get it done.

  11. LJ, has Dillon Baxter regressed that much from last season that they couldn’t risk giving him a couple carries during the tight game?

  12. Kiffin is not going anywhere. What good coach would take the USC head coaching job for the next three years while the program still has sanctions? Haden knows this.

    Kiffin is the best USC can currently get for coaching. He will be leading the team until 2014. Unfortunately, he makes about $2 million a year and his father another $1 million (another example of USC’s idiotic leadership). The worst is still a few years out.

  13. I can’t think of a worse coach for the program. There are plenty of great non-BCS coaches that would love the opportunity to coach SC, especially with the bowl season ban out of the picture after the end of this season. Kiffin is clueless – end of discussion. He bitches all last season about depth and uses only a single RB the whole game. He is great at whining and making plenty of excuses. He abandons the run in key stretches of the game during the second half. Runs the same bubble screen the entire game (guess what dumbass… Minnesota figured it out in the 3rd – way to adapt). I think 3 of Minnesota’s DBs were playing the position for the first time.. how about attacking them with some downfield plays that don’t need to be perfectly thrown and timed to be successful (mix in a crossing pattern at least once a game). Tell me one successful stint that LK has had to warrant getting (and now keeping) this job. Absolutely ridiculous. And if you guys think that he will turn it around, you are just as clueless.

  14. Where the hell are freethinker and science 5 ? El Besea…you still out there? Isn’t anybody gonna back up Kiffy? I don’t see anyone jumping to Kiffy’s defense. A win is a win, isn’t it?
    If you’re gonna beat Kiffy up, the least you can do is wait till AFTER the UTAAHHH loss.
    fyte on torgan!
    (btw…yes, the black socks are part of the curse!)

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