Fox Apology

In case you missed it, Fox Sports issued an apology for making a racially insensitive video on the USC campus.

“We sincerely apologize to President Nikias and the entire USC community for the production and posting of the video. The context was clearly inappropriate and the video was removed as soon as we became aware of it. We will review our editorial process to determine where the breakdown occurred, and we will take steps to ensure something like this never happens again.”

Here’s more on the story.

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  • obama the jew hater

    LOL, it showed all Asians, too funny but accurate

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    That’s fine, but I like this video better:

    Where’s slopespic when you need him?

  • Mr. Positive

    Jew Hater, a word to the wise: Those Asians are most likely not Jewish at all! You’re seeing Jews everywhere, man!! And even if they were Jews, the video would still be inappropriate!

  • NOBS

    I’m waiting for Prof. Slob to weigh in on this one.

  • GDL SC

    This is Fox we’re talking about here. Is anyone surprised they thought this was ok?

  • NOBS

    Wow, just saw it on YouTube. Not cool, but it is true. Hope these kids are going to support the Uni after they leave (majority don’t)as I’m sure their parents don’t give a dime. But The Greek wants the high SAT scores and this is what he’s going to get. Lighten up on Fox.

  • “Count” Smackula

    VOW! torgan racism documented by zee uniwersity itself!

    So of course zee resident racists crawl out to endorse zee wideo!

    Like zee scorpion said: “I can’t help it, it’s my nature!”

  • ThaiMex

    Way to keep it Classy, TORGAN!
    Racism is another form of the CURSE!

  • NOBS

    Oh, ok MotherTeresaMEX. Too bad your kind wasn’t interviewed, sombreo and all.

  • Sam GiIbert

    Days like this make my stomach turn to be a torgan.

  • NOBS, you c**k sucking, butt h*le licking racist mother f****r that was probably you interviewing those students.

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron


  • Sam Gilbert

    Still with the fake Sam Gilbert? Amazing.

    Oh, and relax Karrillo.

  • marvgoux

    NOBS is right, it was just a joke showing that some of the sharp kids at SC who get the A’s don’t really care about the football team…they are too busy studying.

  • NOBS

    BruinRob said:

    My fat wife, you c**k sucking, butt h*le licking fat @$$ woman. NOBS is a racist mother f****r that was probably doing you while interviewing those students.

    NOBS said:


  • NOBS

    Where’s Prof. SLOB? Oh, school has started. He’s teaching U.S. History when he’s NOT cleaning toilets.

  • NOBS

    APB on Prof Slob. Calling all cars.

  • @NOBS – you stupid dumba$$, when will you ever make sense? you sound like some meth addicted tweeker, go get some help.

  • NOBS

    Prof.Slob is too stupid to understand plain talk. The only help I need is someone to keep my dog out of your daughter’s bed. ROMLMAO

  • I wasn’t blessed with a daughter, only three sons…and I don’t have a wife wither she passed away 19 years ago, she was killed by drunk bastard that had no business getting behind the wheel…it was probably you.

  • NOBS

    Slob looking for pity. Sorry, my mistake. One of the boys looks like a woman (thought that was your wife…sorry), the other a d!ke and the third plays baseball like a girl. BTW, I don’t believe you one bit. You’d have said something earlier. Nice try Slob. Now, about that U.S. History lesson.

  • NOBS

    Boo hoo Prof Slob

  • @NBOS – smiaphty form you? I dno’t thnik you eevn konw the maienng of smipthay, you clod boloedd ahsolse.

  • NOBS

    Prof Slob, “smiaphy”? “smiphay”? ROFLMAO

  • NOBS

    Prof Slob, 2-0. Hahaha. What was your prediction? Hahaha

  • NOBS

    Slob, you at the cemetery?

  • NOBS

    Slob, did you take the points? ROFLMAO

    Are you going to give us a history lesson on 9-11 today?

  • NOBS

    Slob, are you at a parade? Or yelling to the heavens about a 10 Pt win over a cupcake? What a tool.