Observation Point

A Pac-12 coach said this week he felt USC’s biggest obstacle was not that it did not run the ball enough against Minnesota but that it did not throw to the other receivers after the Gophers made adjustments on Robert Woods.

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  • Lucky Guy

    What a stupid comment by this coach? There were 8 total USC receivers who caught passes including 4 receivers in the first half and 7 in the second half. Woods caught 17 of 18 passes thrown to him, and the other 7 receivers caught 17 of 25. There were 8 dropped passes.

    The issue with some of the other receivers was the dropped passes, not the lack of distribution. The other problem in the second half was 8 penalties including 4 on the drive in the 4th quarter that should have put the game away.

  • huntingtonharvey

    Lucky Guy nailed it.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    How does Wolf possibly know another Pac 12 coach? Let’s take wagers on who this could possibly be…


    Is there any Pac 12 coach other than the coach of Utah who has the time/need to pay attention to last week’s USC game? Maybe Wolf got a tip from one of Utah’s beat writers.

    Unless… has Wolf become the weed dealer to the Bruins football team?

  • obama the jew hater

    The biggest obstacle to USC is Kifin

  • lbc trojan

    Obama the Jew Hater you’re seriously a pest. Do you spend all day everyday commenting on how much you dislike Kiffin? Get a goddamn life man! Wow

  • Tyler

    This post is idiotic. Clearly this “other coach” didn’t watch the game at all. The stats suggest that USC did start going to the other receivers as Woods only had a handful of receptions after half-time. They just couldn’t hold on to the ball.

    As a note for you Scott – always be skeptical of coach input when it comes to games from the weekend prior – Unless the coach you speak of is a Utah coach who watched the game in preparation for this week the coach would not have had time to watch last weekend’s game. Do a little bit of investigation next time.

  • Mr. Positive

    Scott, no matter what BruinRob tells you, he is NOT a Pac 12 coach!!! For USC information, look for the determined young fellow in the USC visor next time!!!

  • Sam Gilbert

    From what I hear, Neuheisel wasn’t paying attention to the UCLA game. Maybe he was watching the Trojans…