• Trojan 70

    This just in – ThaiMex quoted as calling the ucla coaching staff “pathetic.” He finally gets something right.

  • Obama is Great

    A two division Pac-14 doesn’t work. It would force one of the traditional rivals (SC/UCLA, Cal/SU, UO/OSU, UW/WSU, UA/ASU) to be split in order to have seven teams in each division. I doubt any of these schools would go for that structure.

  • Edward

    That would be a brilliant move, turning down Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.

  • dtksr1

    You read the various reports and who says what, and you figured this was going to happen. Oklahoma in my opinion has always been the glue that kept the Big-12 together. When OU/OSU make this move to the PAC-12, you will see scrambling of all the other programs except Texas. Then Texas will scurry trying to find a conference partnership willing to accept them & their cherished Long Horn network like Notre Dame has with the Big East. Texas will then find out they are no Notre Dame which has a national following.

  • Mr. Positive

    The Pac-12 will be winning hearts and minds across the Plains!

    Someday we shall witness a Pac-36, and the NCAA shall be no more!!

  • Wow!! all these teams want to join our conference!! my gut feeling is they are tired of getting their asses kicked in the Big-12 and they are just looking to join a conference filled with a bunch of pu$$y teams (except for UCLA – the only stud team in the Pac-12).

  • Trojan Conquest

    If Oklahoma and OK St move, then Texas and Texas Tech will follow. If no Texas because they want to go independent, then it should be easy to get one more team and still get 16.
    And Colorado, SHUT THE FRACK UP! A West/East split makes great sense.
    Pacific 8 Division: (Original Pacific 8)
    Southwest Division:
    There will be 4 super conferences of 16 teams each.
    The Pac 16 championship would be a first round playoff in an 8 team playoff. Each super conference would have a championship that would determine the 4 playoff teams. These 2 games would be played in the bowls around New Years, with the winners playing in a championship in one of these bowls the week before the Super Bowl.

  • @trojan conquest…I like your format, it makes tons of sense.


    I like Trojan Conquest’s two 8-team bracket idea in order to sustain longtime rivalries.

    And there might be a better chance that the college presidents would change their minds about a playoff if there were only 4 conferences i.e. maintaining the present format of 30+ bowl games with many of the bowl games then having to contest same-league teams would not make sense.

    But a playoff system in our lifetime is still a long-shot based on the presidents’ past performance.

  • bazinga

    A two division Pac-14 works. You can keep all the traditional rivals in one division or another, and then put Utah in one division and Colorado in the other. The problem is that inter-divisional play will be reduced further – you play six games in division and just three out of division. A scheduling pain if the SoCal and NoCal schools are in separate divisions still. Add the Texas schools and dividing into an old Pac-8 (Coastal division?) and a new division (Inland Division?) would be cleaner.