Ready For Combat


Believe it or not, this is a Stanford uniform that will be worn later in the season. This Nike “Pro Combat” of course features the obligatory black helmet. I’m wondering how close this resembled the all-cardinal, black helmeted uniform that USC nearly agreed to wear in the summer.

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  • Jon

    I don’t care that Stanford has alternate Nike uniforms and USC doesn’t. (Like other traditionalists, I prefer it that way.)

    I do care that Stanford is included in Brooks Brothers’ collegiate line and USC isn’t. Boo!

    Maybe that’s due to the merchandise deal with Jerry Jones’ company, but I would hope the deal includes a carve-out for higher end items.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Stanford will win recruits with this, while Wolf will shout in joy about his Tradition! Alright, let’s get left behind the rest of the cfb world!

  • standorf sax addict

    this uniform is missing some “parts”. where’s the reference to tiger woods and the nation’s highest per capita sex addicts in a student population!!?? for an unprecedented 35th year, we’ve won the double – the director’s trophy and oodles of sex addicts. this year, we’re giving the IMF chief an honorary degree because he’s an addict, too.

    we’re so pompous because we invented the big bang, handy reverse polish notation calculators and we supplied the internet with tons of pervs! go ‘dorf!