Side Issue

We’ve talked about Armond Armstead’s status today. USC obviously wants him cleared and does not want a repeat of the Jarvis Jones situation, where he is not cleared by team doctors but gets cleared by Georgia.
If that were to happen again, it might jeopardize the commitment of Armstead’s brother, defensive end Arik Armstead, ranked the 26th best player in the nation by

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  • Sam GiIbert

    This makes me nervous…with all the bad Karma we have put out there from this blog (thanks idiots) I am for staying the ultra safe route. This kid’s health is most important, even if it costs us a schollie this year and next.

  • JAM

    Or maybe, they’re actually…gasp…concerned for the health of Armond. Or maybe, they are concerned about the negative fallout, lawsuits, and recruiting hit USC would take if Armond, God forbid, dropped dead on the football field.

    Its a pretty bad situation if Armond doesn’t get cleared and we lose his brother as a commit. Its a horrible situation if Armond dies and Arik has no brother. I applaud USC’s decision making thus far.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Armond will redshirt to play with his brother next year. No falloff for our line!