• lbc trojan

    Ah, here we are again.

    See, this happens every year and usually right around the third week of the season. First, the kids across town work up some off-season fantasy that this is going to be the year that Rick Neuheisel finally gets rid of the last piece of whatever was holding him back, while we simultaneously return to the performance of the Hackett years.

    Then, after a few disastrous games, when reality sets in and they start to see that they’ll be lucky to go 4-8 while at the same time, for some unfathomable reason, we continue to shrug off the impending doom of sanctions, etc., they can only vent their frustrations and envy towards us with taunts and boasts that massively overcompensate for the insecurities.

    Finally, when they fail to recover the Victory Bell yet again, you will observe a full display of their smug, sanctimonious, self-righteous belief that they are only kept back by their high morals, sense of fair play, and superior values whereas we only succeed because we are a bunch of thieving backstabbers.

    When you see these folks, don’t be angry with them. Understand that they suffer from a disability and show compassion.

    Myself, I’d love to stop by the tailgate and help them reminisce about the last good thing that ever happened to UCLA Football — FIVE years ago.

    (I’ll even try not to remind them that 13-9 happened because they have been so pathetic for so long that we completely overlooked them on the way to the next game.)

    THANKS for speaking the truth Ex-Cop! Fight on!

  • SC for LIFE

    So if Kiffin ends up giving the younger guys more playing time against ASU, is Scott going to bitch and moan that Kiffin promised a smaller role?