Scroggins Update

USC quarterback Jesse Scroggins said it will be a few more weeks before he is even allowed to throw a football. Scroggins said he could play now if he were at any other position but the strain passing puts on his surgically repaired thumb means he could be out another month.
He said he would not consider another position because he will always be a quarterback.

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  • incalos

    I feel bad for Rocky Hinds II, why didn’t anyone who cared for this kid steer him any other direction but SC. Any other school would have been better. Its not that sc is my least favorite school but the crap he must have been fed to lure him there must have been sugar coated to the 10th degree. He wants to play QB great, go to Utah St. Wyoming, UTEP or Ole Miss its not even possible at sc. And with Kessler in the wing after Barkleys senior year he might as well move on

  • dcard1097

    Why feel bad for him. It’s not like his decision to go to USC was a bad choice. He was on track to be the back-up behind Barkley before he got hurt. When he got hurt, it gave Kessler and Wittek the opportunity to pass him on the depth chart and they seized it. Injuries and competition are just both part of the game

  • Say good bye to Scroggins, he will transfer during the season so he can be eligible to play somewhere else next year.

  • dcard1097

    That works and is probably whats best for both. With him gone it will free up a scholarship, plus Kessler and Wittek are all we need right now, and he’ll get more playing time elsewhere

  • USC Anteater

    No point in playing the blame game. When he got here he looked like Mark Sanchez or Matt Leinart, coming in behind a very good QB and taking over for 1-2 years with an experienced line in front of him. Now, yes, Rocky Hinds II sounds about right, but it was a combination of injuries and poor recruiting on the line that has hurt his prospects. True USU, UTEP etc might have been better off, but injured he could be playing at USC or Alabama or Wyoming or SJSU, it’s pretty much the same to him.