Answer Thursday!

Time to answer some reader questions.

Q: Karrillo said:
For the record, I think Kiffin called an inexcusably horrible game and am trying to figure out a reason for calling those 3rd and long running plays. The only thing I can think of is Kiffin not comfortable with Barkley throwing with those strong winds blowing or even with Barkley’s throwing on Saturday all-together. Do you think these theories/guesses could be valid and/or do you have any of your own regarding the 3rd and long calls?

A: Kiffin said USC was on the road and he needed to be conservative and you saw what happened when they did throw a lot. That comment was a dig at the offensive line, not Matt Barkley. Kiffin said the offensive line was to blame for his fumble and one of the interceptions.

Q: kareem-a-wheat said:
Same old song and dance as last year. Monte’s defense can’t stop the spread offense. They ran the same plays a dozen times and they still couldn’t stop them. I think they would have had a chance if they could have played some D. At least call time out to get some fresh players in there on the defensive line the only place where they have a little depth. Lane better fire his dad or they’ll be firing him. Never mind. I hope they keep losing so they’ll both get fired. A program like SC shouldn’t be a training ground for a young unproven head coach.

A: That was a great mystery of the game. Why the same play worked over and over. And so far, no coach has provided an explanation.

Q: The Monopoly Is Over Here. said:
Does anyone in HH have the balls to tell coach In Over His Head to relinquish his play calling duties ( if you can call what he does play calling ) and to hire a top flight OC and fire his senile old man and hire a top flight DC?

A: At this moment, the answer is “no.”

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  • Marky Marc

    Kiffin is obviously right about the offensive line. John Martinez got beat a bunch of times, and also had a bunch of holds and personal fouls that were not called. Sometimes he was completely clueless and moving up field when his man was heading straight for Barkley.

    Kevin Graf started out ok and then started to get worked over. The offensive line was to blame for the fumble, although that INT was also a stupid move by Barkley where he should have just taken the sack. That said, Kalil is awesome.

    I also saw what everyone has been screaming about: our defensive line is being held on nearly every play, especially Nick Perry. The tape doesn’t lie.