Answer Thursday! (Part 4)

In this segment, a reader complains about whether Amir Carlisle should play or redshirt.

Q: SCDDS said:
Can you explain the reasoning of using Amir Carlisle, and effectively burning his red-shirt season? His reported “good week of practice” by Kiffing, almost seems an indirect motivational ploy by the coaches to motivate Baxter/McNeal/Morgan?

A: I think Amir Carlisle was one of the top backs in training camp. I can only assume his ankle was too sore to play the first three weeks. Kiffin decided to make him a big part of the game plan for Arizona State and then he reinjured the ankle. Now it looks like he will miss at least one more game. So maybe redshirting him looks better in hindsight. Technically, he could still redshirt but the NCAA would have to believe a sprained ankle kept him out the rest of the season.
Maybe he wasn’t quite 100 percent healthy to begin with. Either way, if he misses the next two games, that effectively means half the season is over already and he must play.
The mystery remains Baxter and his lack of playing time, especially when he can catch the ball out of the backfield and would not require Carlisle to use his redshirt year.

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  • Visors are for Douche Bags

    let’s see how dumb and dumber (pappy) screw up this weekend…I’m excited to hear all the new “IF’S” from the KIFFS!

  • kareem-a-wheat

    Great idea, they will now offically be known as the iffins!
    Iffin we woulda played better we would win. Iffin we didn’t have all those miscues we’d a won. Iffin the dog wouldn’t stopped to take a leak he’d a caught the rabbit. And so on.
    We should vote on how many iffins there will be after this weeks game.

  • radioman


    you can leave off the K, but you need an possessive apostrophe in “weeks” as in “week’s” as in iffin you’d learned English.

  • kareem-a-wheat

    Oh radioman, good to see you are anoyed by spelling and punctiation erors. Yuor mother must have been an inglish teacher. I will continue to try to annoy you with my lak of good gramar. Meanwhile find a hobby that improves your silf esteam.

  • ThaiMex

    kareem…when/where did you study under Chucker?
    Really Good stuff!

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Kareem, for excellence in shutting down a trOXan with extreme prejudice, i am sending you two free passes to the next Preferred Plus Night at Cadre HQ!! thats a ten dollar value.

    when you get to Cadre HQ, watch out for a fat little dork dressed up like a lady. that would be NOBS trying to get in diguised as a Preferred Plus gal! we kicked his a$$ pretty good last time but he keeps coming back!