Can’t Win?

Someone at USC suggested no matter what Lane Kiffin says, he gets criticized after a game. He said Kiffin’s already been pilloried for being too negative (the two offensive players comment after Minnesota) and too positive (saying he was encouraged after Arizona State) following games.
Another suggested to me that maybe the problem was Kiffin was too negative after one game and too positive after a loss and needed to find a middle ground.

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  • The Monopoly Is Over Here.

    Oh yes, poor Lane, he just can’t get a break. The poor baby is trying so hard, he’s just been misunderstood. He’s not a negative guy, he’s a fun loving rascal.

    The only words I want to hear out of Excuse Kiffin is ” I am resigning from USC today “

  • SCman

    What do you think Wolfbag? You’re the resident expert when it comes to being too negative. Silly illiterate Wolfbag.

  • I say it every week, The Defensive Secondary needs an overhaul. The current crew, especially Starling are getting killed against the spread. The CB’s need to be up just behind the LB’s so the Free’s can cover the deep zones. Drew McAllister is the key to cleaning this mess up!

  • huntingtonharvey

    USC ALUM, I agree, but is this a personnel issue or something that can be overcome by changing scheme? I just don’t think we have the horses back there. Our best corner is 5’8″ (being generous) and we were so thin last year we had to start him as a true freshman.