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  • Cheatthesystem

    Just because a call is “correct” doesn’t mean it should always be called. Obviously the referees on Saturday were hypersensitive to Personal Fouls (The Burfict Effect?), but what they ignored were several holding calls on both teams. ASU was holding all night long (arms wrapped around a DL kind of holding) and USC got away with a couple of holds in the Defensive backfield and on the line as well. Maybe that is the genius of Erickson, he gets the refs so concerned about the PF, they ignore or miss other calls.

    Kudos to the Sun Devils, they made the plays and scored the points.

    USC now has 7-8 Red Zone Turnovers, that is not good nor sound Football–how do we fix that? I noticed Tyler did not get the pine for his genetically engineered fumble.

  • SCman

    You previously said “Rhett Ellison could see acrion at tight end” and now you”re saying “Rhett Ellison could see action at tight end”. Which one is it Wolfbag? Make up your mind liar.