Official Decision

The referee for Saturday’s USC-Arizona game will be Jay Stricherz. He might be best remembered for the 2009 USC-Oregon State game when Taylor Mays ripped the helmet off wide receiver James Rogers in the end zone but did not call an obvious face mask penalty.
Commissioner Larry Scott later suspended an unnamed referee for a game based on that play and some reports said Stricherz was the game official closest to the play.

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  • Rich K

    There seems to be a problem of consistancy among PAC-12 officials. I suggest Mr. Scott look within his organization and make an effort to review this situation.

  • White Horse

    Don’t worry. Stricherz always finds a way to screw USC. Count on it. He’s the Booker Turner of football officials.

  • Not only did Taylor Mays rip the helmet off, he threw the helmet! and no flag! Pac-12 referees are a complete disgrace and an embarrassment to our conference, it’s a miracle that some teams are still willing to travel and play at Pac-12 stadiums…but USC fans can’t complain to much, for they are the beneficiaries of such non-calls.

  • Marky Marc

    BruinRob, you MUST be shroomin’. SC gets the worst calls out of anyone in the conference. Holds and pass interference don’t seem to ever get called on SC. But SC gets so many ticky-tack penalties it is ridiculous. Don’t believe me? Look up the numbers. SC is inordinately penalized, and it is not because it is a “dirty team.” Taylor Mays was prone to personal fouls, and they were always called.

  • 420phototron

    It is not enough for PAC-12 officials to grant USC’s opposition their least penalized game of the season whenever playing the Trojans, but now the PAC-12 needs to back it up with “platform statements”. This seems so comical since USC is paying all the bills around this conference.

  • Tyler

    BruinROB is high. When Larry Scott came on as the new commissioner someone asked him if he was aware of the statistics regarding the inordinately higher number of penalties called against USC in conference games and he admitted that he had seen the numbers and was looking into it. The commissioner of your conference doesn’t admit to something like that unless the numbers are overwhelming. It was part of the reason he changed the refereeing group over almost completely.