Trojans v. Wildcats

The venerable Gold Sheet sums up why USC-Arizona is not a marquee game: “Probation-haunted SC’s psyche perhaps fragile after any thoughts of running the table were dashed at ASU, while UA’s volatile HC Mike Stoops might require 24-hour watch after his Cats have
dropped 8 straight vs. FBS foes.”

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  • According to coach Harvey Hyde USC is going to lose to Arizona…but I see USC shutting out AU 77-0 with Barkley throwing for 6 TDs to set a new USC record and passing for over 700 yards, no picks.

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    It’s UA, not AU.

  • Thank you Mr. Moron for not attacking me, I stand corrected. Have a terrific day sir.

  • NOBS

    hahahahaha. ROFLMAO hahaha. What a fool. Way to go Prof Slob.

  • schammer47


    It’s time to “Strike while the iron is hot.”

    News Flash: In 2010, Newsweek ranked USC-LA the fourth most desirable large school in the country. More than 37,000 high school seniors applied to be one of this years 2,650 newest additions to the Trojan family.

    In fact, more than 85% of incoming freshman were in the top 10% of their high school classes as I was in 1965; one in every 10 was valedictorian of their high school.

    Robert, look to your future. UCLA’s football program will remain in weeds for the foreseeable future, quite possibly for rest of your adult life.

    The future of our University of Southern California Trojan football program, on the other hand, is secure. You see, the finest athletes in America want to be a part of our Trojan’s Legendary Football Tradition. They see the value of the USC experience that offers prosperity, security, and exaltation for the rest of their lives.

    ThaiMex, Bucket, Count Smack, get it right. Join America’s Family, the Trojan Family, before Ugly turns to Abject Misery, and quite possibly, life-long Humiliation.

    Fight On !!!

  • @shammer 47, wow! 37,000 applied to USC???? that is an amazing number!!! not bad at all!!!…however, I hate to rain on your parade, but for the 3rd consecutive year UCLA has broken the record for admission applications to any and all universities in the country, eclipsing it’s own record of 57,000 last year…are you ready for this? over 81,000 applied to be part of Bruin family, nice try though. Here is the link

  • The silence is deafening. hehehe

  • NOBS

    Prof Slob, who the F cares? Only a loser with a dream to go to a second rate college would he happy about your numbers. Fist of all, most of the bRuin slugs CAN’T afford to go to SC and don’t even apply. Like your 3 sons in drag. They KNEW you couldn’t afford it working at the bagel joint so they went to Fucsb. Even drove the mrs. to the grave.