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Attendance at USC’s last home game was the smallest since 2002 and this week could be even smaller as this story details.
“We’ve got to play better,” Lane Kiffin said. “That’s up to us. Coach better. Play better. That’s L.A. When you win, they come.”

Harry How/Getty Images

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  • DixieTrojan

    It’s not the economy, Haden. That’s another whimpy excuse from a whimpy leader.

    USC does not have the “mojo” that it did under Pete Carroll because of the following reasons:

    * Not many Trojans can get behind the coach.

    * Most Trojan fans are angry at the USC leadership for their complete submission to the NCAA. It was complete abandonment of their fan base.

    * And last but not least, why spend big money on tickets when you know the USC product is going to be garbage for the next 10 years because of errors that the USC program committed? Personally, I’d rather remodel my kitchen.

    And so what if they beat Arizona tomorrow? Whoopty doo! Everybody beats Arizona. Instead, beat Stanford or Oregon and you might have some attention back. However, there is a greater chance of NASA sending someone back to the moon this year.


    Then, on the other hand, there are the positives of the present state of SC football:

    1. I always buy scalper tickets so I can get a good seat. With Carroll’s sellouts it was costing $300 to $500. Now, for example the Utah game, I bought a $40 ticket at face and sneaked into the 40 yard line seats;

    2. Carroll’s teams were so dominant there were few memorable close games. Already, under Kiff, we’ve had several, including the latest, the Utah game, where the fans exploded at the end with the blocked field goal attempt and run-back for a touchdown. SC fans can’t get any more excited than that;

    3. Every game is tense because every game SC can now lose. Some Trojans like blow-outs; me, I like drama

  • lbc trojan

    @DixieTrojan: I agree with your points being reasons not to go, but at the same time, this is college football. Hell, it’s sports in general. USC has high standards but so do most teams. Support the athletes playing the game.. it’s mostly fun investing that type of energy and emotion into a team.. because it’ll feel great to get back to a high level if you stuck it out during hard times. Why do you think Fucla STILL feels great about 13-9? Because they’re a garbage program that notched a major upset and a small amount of their fans still hope to see another one soon. It’s not always about winning. SC wont win the conference infinitely (unless we get Big Balls Pete back), but we do have other areas of the program to be proud of. All-Americans, like Robert Woods, we get to watch every saturday and might end up being as memorable to some as watching Reggie Bush. USC will be back–too much history, pride, and tradition to ever fall irrelevant for too long. UCLA… not a chance. FIGHT ON!

  • mownyc

    Agree with LJ and LBC. Stick it out — we’ll get back to where we were, possibly sooner than later. While we wait, enjoy the close games and the handful of extremely talented players we’re lucky enough to have. Assuming you attended USC, this is the team you’re “stuck” with. So much better than Nevada or UTEP or Miami OH or practically any program in the country. Frankly, it’s hard to believe any of you are so puss that you can’t handle a few losses without jumping ship. That’s certainly the opposite of Fight On.

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    DixieTrojan, having some Purple Drank before the game might be the answer for you, sister.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    dangnabbit…i’m piss-proud of you guys! (except dixie, you are being a Naaaaaaa-bob!)

    LJ, you are amazing! Dee and Missy stick lemons up Southern Cal’s can, and you turn them into a lemonade colonic!!

    and all this despite the fact you guys understand an interminable morass of mediocrity is at hand for Southern Cal. mighty Alabama was down for 7 years after their sanctions and they were not as severe as the booty-job administered by Paul and Missy!!

    and of course, as usual, you trOXans are TOTALLY OBSESSED with UCLA!! i don’t blame you. Bruins are simply more interesting, classier…better.

    when an entire school is defined by one sport, and that one sport is defiled, you are left with…nothing. (chortle)

  • The obsession of UCLA by lbc, USC owns, BB the moron, I find completely hilarious. LMAO

    Like Charles says, the beauty of being a UCLA fan is that we the Bruin fan base have been soooooo blessed, we have so many teams constantly competing for National Titles in just about every sport, that we can move on to the next team once the season ends, but for the trOJan bandwagon fans?…wow…life must really suck knowing that the talent is still there with 4 and 5-star player that 90% of them are completely underachieing.

    As for the attendance this season, USC will be lucky to get 55,000 into the coliseum this week vs. Arizona.

  • dcard1097

    Bruin fans such as yourself are so “blessed” and content that you spend the majority of your time on a USC Football website, while sounding bitter but trying (and failing) to hide the bitterness and jealousy.

    ok, lol

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here.

    ucla used to get “big” crowds by giving tickets away, from the looks of the RB this year, even that’s not working anymore.

  • dtksr1

    As the season progresses and the homestands thin out, the SC band will again be invited to sit on the home side to fill in the empty bleachers.

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    LMAO…… I really doubt RUINrob watches women’s badminton win national titles…. or maybe he does…… hahahahahaha

  • NOBS

    For the first time, Prof Slob makes a good point. We are up $h!t Creek on the national championship front in all other sports as long as the Showboat Twins are running the athletic department. Hey Prof Slob, at least our athletes will have seen “Oklahoma” & “South Pacific”! So THERE.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Did nobody hear SC men’s tennis just 3-peated their way to another natl title? Water polo? Tennis anyone? SC is catching up to Fucla quickly.

  • Mr. DCARD1097 – I hate to break it to ya, but this is not a USC website, this is blog in the daily news by the USC beat writer the great Mr. Scott Wolf.

    Monopoly, USC has done the same thing for years! we learned that technique from USC…I heard USC gave away 30,000 freebies for tomorrow to Elemtary Schools in L.A. and San Bernardino county, my kids were given tickets, but they said “NO WAY!! if you threw in a free hot dog and a coke!”

    Mr. Moron, You bet I do!!! if UCLA had a chess team I would watch them bring home the title too!

    NOBS, good point NOBD, good point buddy.

    Good luck tomorrow to the Trojans. šŸ™‚

  • Tyler

    Yeah BruinRob so many other teams competing for National Titles in every other sport! So many. I’m sure you’ll be going to a lot of those events as well once the Bruin football season is over by game 6. Give me a break. There’s a reason that football and basketball pay for entire athletic programs and that’s because no one goes to the other sports.

    You’re acting like once football season is over USC can’t also go watch the National Championship Men’s tennis or waterpolo teams. But keep clinging to your 103 NCs. It’s so much more than USC (14 more) that it makes your putrid football team more bearable. Right…

    Must suck to know that even with USC under sanctions your pathetic excuse for a football team still can’t compete.