Pick The Score

Time to pick the winner. Arizona’s had a tough schedule and has a nice quarterback but USC’s a 13.5-point favorite and usually beats Mike Stoops.

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  • Trojan 70

    USC 24
    UA 10


    Three Tree 48
    ucla 10

  • scidiot

    USC 30
    UofA 27

    Another nail biter at home.

    ruins 17
    tree 34

  • trojanwahine

    USC 34
    UA 16

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    wow! the TOTALL OBSESSION with UCLA remains! you trOXans just can’t quit us!!

    SOUTHERN CAL 22 (two botched 2pt PAT’s)
    UA 24

    trOXan secondary struggles again, UA uses quick hitting routes to move ball, nullifying Gums Kiffen’s vaunted Tampa II D. Meanshile, Barks throws 3 INT’s still reeling from the humiliation of being publicly sanctioned for sinning againt Vontaze!!

  • Unconditional Sanctions Coming

    Wolfie, I’m disappointed! You should know as well as anyone that usc is only 1-3 against the spread this year. Additionally, just because usc is favored, does not mean they will win. And why does the fact that usc has done well in the past against Mike Stoops have any bearing on tomorrow’s game? Inquiring minds want to know!

    GO WILDCATS!!!!!

  • bestlakersfan

    USC – 42
    UA – 21

  • scidiot

    Sanctions…..You should know that Wolf only mentions the spread so that when USC wins by 7 he can still complain about the team’s performance.

  • USC53

    SC 38-35

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here.

    AU 31
    Iffins 23

    After the game, Coach Iffin throws Haden under the bus


    I’m still waiting for my prize for last weeks 42-21 ASU/USC prediction Gargamel!

    Hate kiffin’s loser mentality and we’ve proven we can keep anyone in games…USC 24 AZ 21

  • dtksr1

    I fear Monte’s response to AU’s passing game… throughout the entire game. AU 45 USC 35

  • Jethro Sabbath

    Silly Bucket,

    You know that the only reason anyone would put a UCLA prediction here is so you trolls can see it.
    You spend more time on here than anybody and that, my friend, is total obsession.

    Trojans 26
    Cats 17

  • miguelito

    UA 28
    SC 17

    UCLA 45
    Stanford 28

  • scidiot


    your first prediction is not probable
    your second prediction is impossible

  • tom_floyd

    USC 33
    ‘cats 28

  • Not that I really believe it, but every time I predict this score USC loses, so here it is:
    USC – 70
    Ariz. – 0

    UCLA – 31
    Stanford – 28

    p.s. I just totally love the obsession the trOJan fans have for UCLA.

  • uscmike

    USC 41
    Arizona 34 (OT)

    USC controls the clock with pounding running game
    -Tyler runs for 175+ and 2 TDs
    Foles throws for 350+ yds and 3 TDs
    -USC’s secondary gets torched again
    USC scores TD in OT and holds Arizona on downs
    Baxter announces that he is transferring after getting no touches.

    Fight On!
    Beat the Cats!

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    Just catering to this blog’s audience! (Obsessed UCLA fans on a USC blog everyday)

    Trojans 34

    Fucla 7
    Farm 41

  • NOBS

    Mrs. Slob – 97 Players

    Prof. Slob – 33 Players

    She’s a reat Tight End and he’s a true Wide Receiver


  • spedjones

    from the guy who was only 2 points of the actual score last week (sucks a bruin knows trogan football better than trogans do):

    Arizona – 14
    SC – 21

  • Edward

    USC beats the spread, Stanford gets even for 1954 ass-kicking, and Boise State avenges 2010 loss… bigtime.

  • lbc trojan

    USC 42
    UA 24

  • oneohsixseven

    Arizona : 24
    Trojans : 41

    One early defensive TD and a Safety give the Trojans momentum.

    Fight On!