Silver Lining

Linebacker Dion Bailey said the ASU loss wasn’t as bad as it might have been because of the way USC played.
“It was better losing the way we did,” Bailey said. “We beat ourselves. It wasn’t a straight-up loss. We didn’t play our best game.”

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  • scidiot

    Looking forward to the linebackers next year. Dawson and Bailey should be great.

  • The way I’m understanding his quote is: if USC hadn’t played as good as they did, ASU would have scored twice as many points, and USC would have had less points then the actual.

    Thank God USC played as good as they did, imagine?

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    @bRUINrob, you are a complete IDIOT. What’s so difficult for your brain to comprehend about this quote? USC didn’t play as well as they could’ve and their own turnovers caused them to beat themselves. Was that not obvious enough in his quote?
    No wonder you weren’t good enough to get into UCLA.

  • NOBS

    Prof Slob, how was your holiday? ROFLMAO

  • spedjones

    so SC is now ok with moral victories. Funny, UCLA didn’t even have to win to end the monopoly.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    I’ll take moral victories after years of real victories (and knowing many more victories are to come) over NO victories for Fucla

    Ps. Why are so many bRuins spending so much time on a USC blog? Are they that depressed or that obsessed?

  • SUC owns, keep asking the same retarded question on each of your posts, one of these days you just might get an actual answer.

    Mr. Moron, why the animosity? haven’t you noticed that I’ve toned it down on here?

    NOBS, My Holiday was great! how was your sbuddy?

  • schammer47


    Consider: USC admitted freshman 2011

    SAT 25%/75% 2020-2240
    ACT 30-34

    UCLA admitted freshman 2010

    SAT 25%/75% 1730-2100
    ACT 25-31

    2010 PAC-10 SAT rankings
    (only five schools required Writing)

    Composite Reading, Math, Writing

    1. Stanford 4300
    2. USC 4090
    3. Cal 3960
    4. UCLA 3830
    5. Wash State 3250

    US News and World Report ranks USC 23rd, UCLA 25th. In 2011, USC admitted 23.00% of their applicants, UCLA admitted 25.29%. Pretty much a wash.

    What counts…….USC Football Program

    11 National Titles 37 Conf. Titles

    UCLA Football Program

    1 National Title 16 Conf. Titles

    USC 8!! National Championships 1962-present

    BCS Record 6-1 The “One” being the most
    exciting college football
    game in recent memory and quite
    possibly, in college football

    UCLA 1 National Championship 1952

    BCS Record 0-0 No Dynasty, No Tradition, No
    Distinction, and Recently, playing the
    Breakfact Muffin for it’s cross town rival.

    No, BruinRoberta, you live with the Humiliation that is ucla, the over-crowded, under-staffed, diploma mill that turns out pot-head commie cowards on a regular basis….ie the Bill Waltons and Angela Davis’. Gee, we had a Trojan alum Walk on the Moon.

    Kick UA’s fuck*n a** !!!

    Fight On !!!

  • schammer47


    One more thing: Since 1999, UCLA has lead all national colleges and universities in number of Freshman Applications. This years 61,517 leads the way. Amazing !!!

  • NOBS

    ’47, just think, out of ALL those Fucla applicants, NONE of the students ACCEPTED was bRuinSlob!