Answer Wednesday!

Answerfest time.

Q: gotroy22 said:
Just watched the Oregon win over the Scummies and wondered, if the Black Mamba had signed his LOI to USC as we all expected, do you think he would be that back supplying the break away speed and there would be no need to waste the redshirt year and play Farmer this season at running back?

A: Well, I’m not sure. He might be starting at cornerback considering USC’s need at the position. And that might be why he is at Oregon right now. But it would have been quite a class with him, Farmer and Marqise Lee. Not to mention Amir Carlisle.

Q: WAH WAH said:
Did you give PC the name Caesar because of……

His penchant for sleeping with his rival wives?
His penchant for men?
” I came I saw I conquered ”
His willingness to run up the score on his opponents much like Caesar starving women and children in his conquest of Gaul?
Appointing bootlickers as assistants much like Caesar appointed Senators who were subservient to him ?
If PC had a statue outside HH, he really would be Caesar, and just think if he comes back ? ALL HAIL CAESAR !

A: I gave him the nickname of Caesar because he was able to do whatever he wanted at USC and no one cared or had the power to stop him. He was a mini-ruler in Heritage Hall. Hail Caesar!

Q: Karillo said:
So is your relationship with Lane Kiffin more like Ali/Cosell or Spurrier/Morris?

A: Definitely more like Ali-Cosell because there is some performing going on such as when he said I acted like USC lost by 30 after the Cal game. It’s a good one-liner and I appreciated it. But it wasn’t what happened after the game.

Q: superlaker24 said:

What is your opinion of the trick play on the field goal attempt against California? Was it worth it wasting a good play in a situation that did not need it, why not save it for an important time?

A: My first thought is if USC has such a great special teams coach, why don’t these plays work? Second, why do it at the start of a game? You are on the road, don’t know that Cal will implode and might need a good start. Take the three points and move on.
Sometimes it’s good to show something just to freeze up Stanford or Oregon. But this doesn’t look like a play that will make them lose any sleep.

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    Well, I hope Wolf has a working relationship with Kiff because that is our best chance of getting any “inside” information on the team.

    Both Wolf and Kiff have kind of oddball personalities, so perhaps they do get along at some level