Carlisle Thought

USC coach Lane Kiffin talks quite a bit about redshirting players with the upcoming scholarship reductions. So why didn’t he redshirt Amir Carlisle especially with George Farmer no longer sitting out?
Dillon Baxter could not have been a factor since he never played anyways.

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  • VB’s Office Plant

    Stupid me, I thought the purpose of a beat writer was to provide information to the fan/hater base. scotty seems to ask more questions than provide answers/information.

  • Tyler

    Scott has no real access to the insides of the program – that’s why all he does is post questions and links to articles with rumors and random comments with no data backing it up from “sources”.

    Here’s what happened: Kiffin fully intended to use Baxter as the change of pace quick back but Baxter screwed up early in the season by lacking focus and complaining. Kiffin didn’t just sell up Baxter as the best athlete in the program then forget about him.

    Kiffin then went to Carlisle to get that burst because Carlisle was the best quick guy in the spring camp but Carlisle got hurt right away in his first game.

    As a last resort Kiffin switched to Farmer because Kiffin realizes that while he definitely needs to get a fast option out of the backfield waiting for Baxter to “get it” would be foolish. That answers all Scott’s questions and without snark or asking more questions. You’re welcome.

  • spedjones

    you whiners are so lame. Scott’s reporting is in the newspaper. The blog is for fun other stuff. Stupid trogans.

  • Trojan 70

    Thanks for your observations sped. What are your observations so far this year on your team? Why don’t you share with us “stupid trogans.” Scott should be writing for The Enquirer or Star. Just bits and pieces of topical stuff, he can’t even construct a sentence most of the time.

  • lbc trojan

    sped is as pathetic as his football team

  • Gnossos

    Is it true that you are starting this weekend at TIGHT end?

  • marvgoux

    Tyler, why didn’t Farmer play much at the ND game?

  • NJ Trojan

    The more important question is: Why didn’t Polamalu & Kiffin realize that their best 1-2 punch was Tyler & McNeal ealier in the season? Tyler wasn’t ready to go against MN, so we’ll leave that game out. Since the game against UT, Tyler & McNeal have combined for 140.83 yards per game on 25.8 carries per game. Over the past 3 games–after McNeal beacme the #2 TB–the pair have combined for 142 yards per game on 27.6 carries, and the trend since AZ has been very positive. For the rest of the season, I’m hoping to see Tyler & McNeal combine for 25-30 carries & Farmer get 3-5 carries & a couple of swing passes.