• ThaiMex

    O.K., I’ll go first…

    -IFFIN’ Kiffin’s tantrum at the end of REGULATION had been paid attention too (the supposed TIME OUT CALL)…
    -IFFIN’ there hadn’t been so much “HOME COOKIN” going on (How many HOLDING CALLS on SCUm did the REF’S Fail to call)..
    -IFFIN’ the season were 3 games long…SCUm would still be undefeated! BTW…..U.C.L.A. WINS, SCUm, LOOSES, Chucker is still here! Pretty good weekend!
    FITE on Torgan, Sanction on, Cheat on, Go ahead and GROPE on too!

  • booty11

    The clock guy should be fired and never allowed back in the coliseum. Last year the Stanford clock guy helps his team by basically stealing 40 seconds for them, and than our guy goes off and ends regulation when we really had 1 second left. What a joke.

    And Robert Woods why can’t you just fall down so we call the timeout? Man he played horrible today. Hopefully they get back on the same page next week.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    I would like to thank the Cardinal for winning one for the Chucker!!!! I am sending the entire team passes to Preferred Plus Night!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am sending the Pious Passer, Gallupo, LJ, Jethto, and Mono free passes the the Thunder Down Under show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i’ve just been informed LJ has an Annual Pass to Thunder Down Under, but he can give his free pass to TJ McDonald!!!!!

  • San Diego Therapist

    Im confused about the holding call on Stanford in OT. How do you get a holding call and then end up in 2nd and 7?

  • jkstewart2

    The 15yd penalty for the safety might have been in the new rules, but it sucks… If this is the new face of football, they might as well have a diversity movement for women…. Maybe make it flag football….

    ps: I hate stanford… the girls are ugly… and the men are….

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    since we all know the trOXans are TOTALLY OBSESSED with UCLA, Id like to give a shout out to the Bruins: way to take care of Bidness!!!!

    we put the Bears down and stomped ’em!!! way to go Bruins!!!!!


    and for Homecoming no less! i took a Southern Cal girl to my homecoming, we voted her Queen and then poured pig bloood on her!!!! good times!!

  • TrojanPete

    I don’t understand why Kiffin refused to call timeout after Woods’ big gain at the end of the 4th on the first play of the last drive. Had 3 timeouts.

  • Troy

    Although I’m disappointed that SC lost, great game. ThaiMex, it’s one game. Don’t get a hard on. For someone who dislikes SC so much, you might want to spend more time learning how to spell before leaving a comment on this site. At first, I thought perhaps you were a UCLA grad but they wouldn’t stoop that low to accept someone like you.

  • mownyc

    Whatever. We’re back. We’re playing a ton of freshmen and still competing with the best in the nation. It hurts, but we gave it everything. Congrats to Stanford. I’ll give credit where it’s due — good win by ucla.

  • BruinTodd

    Good game Trojans you were tigers they were tigers they found there way to the drinking whole and drank a long won but at least you had an exciteing night even if you do go home frowning to youre woman

  • ThaiMex

    Dear Troi…You must bee new around hear…Cause if you weren’t…you’d know the punctuashun and grammer POLICE aren’t allowed, PER SCOOTER!
    Fite on, Cheat ON, SPIT on, and do a little groopin while you’re at it!
    IFFIN’ SUCks hadn’t gotten lucky against, “Sister Of The POOR”, Minny and her girlfriend, Utah, your record would be at “500” after TODAY’s Kiffin’s a bitchin’ LOSS.
    Don’t worry, basketball season is just around the KORNER!

  • SC for LIFE


    Your mom wanted me to pass this message to you. She said she needs more bacon for the bacon covered hotdogs she’s selling outside the Colisum. Hurry up.

  • BoscoH

    Congrats to Stanford on playing a very tough game (they really did) and stealing it at the end of regulation. I agree with jkstewart above. Stanford might be the eventual BCS Chamption of pussyball, and we’d contend if football were still an actual sport.

    But I don’t know how Larry Scott doesn’t get involved with a reprimand for the refs for the handling of the end of regulation. For one, he’d be right to do it. For two, how can he resist making an otherwise great Pac-12 game about him?

    Finally, I really hope Barkley comes back. There would be a lot of upside for him.

  • datrout

    Pathetic coaching effort from the defense. It’s long past time for Monte to shuffle off to the retirement home. They had no clue how to make any adjustments to stop Luck.

  • dcard1097

    GREAT game. Even though we lost, USC’s program is obvioulsy going in the right direction. If it weren’t for a few questionable calls (TJ Mcdonald’s personal foul call on that awesome hit, and the ending of regulation when a timeout was called with 1 second left)we would have beaten the #4 team in the nation. USC fans everywhere have to be proud that there is so mch life back in the program, and things are just going to get better from here with all the young talent on this team. To all you USC haters (UCLA Fans) who occupy this sight so much because your team is a laughing stock….hate all you want because you ain’t gonna bring us down…..USC is on the rise…..and all your team is going to do is prove that it’s still possible to sink deeper than rock bottom lol… FIGHT ON!!!!

  • bushwhite

    man that Thaimex whatever scares me. Guy’s got some serious issues..scott any chance of getting this person banned? I mean jeezis..

    anyway so we snatch defeat from the jaws of victory again. Same old same old. Same as last year, we almost won vs stanford last year too. No one cares about almost won. So this year will be the same as last year, losing to stanford oregon and pretty much every decent team we play. Except now MB will be gone so we will have a totally inexperienced QB next year so not looking forward to it.

    I dont care if this is a “game for the ages” or “instant classic” we still lost another game we should of won. This is too common for this team. I could take the loses to oregon st because I knew the whole game we would lose. To continually lose the game in the last 3 mins is just too much.

    some day, kiffin has gotten to figure out how to play defense..

  • BruinTodd


    I know you are sad at this time but you gotaa remember this is not bushwhite any mor it is mor like Franklin Coleman some nights you win some nights you die but no living man is to good for a 3ot loss to a very mitey sord if you know what I mean

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    whatta night!!!! it’s so great to be here!!! i was like the St louie Cardinals…..down to my last strike several times!!!

    but i pulled it out at the last second!!!!!!!!!

    and the final kicker is there goes the trOXans chance at the mythical AP champeeenship!!!!

    but i am proud to announce that the Cadre will be presenting Southern Cal with the Close But No Cigar trophy!! Iit is a huge trophy topped with the Kiffy crying to an official!!!!

  • BruinTodd


    I guess technical it is Barkley Hadaree but i am sure you know what I mean no matter how you slice the carrot your still not running the wright horses (bush and white)

  • Troy

    ThaiMex –

    I’ve been a long visitor of this site and have left questions/comments once in a blue moon. Grammar police? Not at all. It’s just a courtesy for everyone, SC fan or not, just to be able to read what’s written. With that being said, start learning how to write at least in a 6th grade level before you start talking trash and representing Bruin fans. Even they will be embarrassed by ghetto losers like you. Here is a tip to improve your writing skills, stop reading picture books.

    On a different subject, Matt Barkley played a subpar game. He didn’t play terrible but he certainly didn’t carry the team as we expect him to. Even if he improves the rest of the season, I think one more year will help polish his skills, especially his deep passes. He’s not very accurate with those throws! If he does choose to leave, I see Cody Kessler stepping up as the starter.

  • Trojan Conquest

    This site is really a mess with all these idiots. Instead of having a place for people to discuss the game, you get this. Sad

  • oregon111

    great effort and great fan base at the game

    you lost the game on that penalty on your safety – after that, Stanford had the momentum

    I remember a similar play with 1 second left – Texas got its 1 second back and you all didn’t

    doesn’t it make you wonder… if Pete Caroll was still coaching, would they give him that one second back???

  • Trojsteve5

    Typical Kiffin meltdown without calling a timeout on 1st down of final drive in regulation. He can’t win a close game at end against a top team either here or Tennessee. Blew game vs. Alabama two years ago when they won the NC. Head Coach should have some feel for the way team is conditioned at end of game. The defense was done giving up touchdowns on every drive including OT after Robey’s Int. for TD. Needed to go for 2 after 1st score in the overtime win or lose period. Surprised that Coach Orgeron is not getting the production out of defensive line this late in the season. McAlister is needed at safety instead of Jawanza.

  • ThaiMex

    Bushwipe..If I scare you…you better not go out Monday Night!
    Troi..I bet you were offended by The “EAT ME” painted on the Cake, at the end of the movie ANIMAL HOUSE ? Here’s a solution for You…Don’t read my POSTS!
    Torgan Carquest.,your post…”This site is really a mess with all these idiots. Instead of having a place for people to discuss the game, you get this. Sad”
    I agree!…people like you that bitch and moan, instead of discussing the game…are indeed idiots. BTW..the thread is titled “DISCUSS THE GAME”!
    The ILLEGAL Hit to the head call was 100% Justified. To those of you that think the game has become “LESS MANLY”, because of such rules..you only need to look at the NFL where the same rules exist.
    Kiffin (both of them), is dumber than a sack of hammers! Why is Every loss accompanied with frivolous excuses?
    Fite on, excuse on, SPIT on, and, YEA BABY, GROPE ON, LIMBO U!

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Thai, you are EN FUEGO esta noche, hombre!!!

    se levanto su juego, hermano!!!

    anyways, how can discussng the game be wrong, when it feels SO RIGHT????

  • sureshot

    ucla idiots on this blog are what they are… idiots.

    We can only hope that ucla sees the light and extends Neuheisel for four more years, because they are really headed in the right direction and nothing would make Trojan fans happier than facing Ricky for the next half decade.

    Despite my disappointment with both the outcome of the game and the officiating (TJ McDonald personal foul call = playing for pussies) I am really proud of this team. They played really hard and played to win and I enjoyed every second of the game. USC proved they were every bit as good as good as a top 5 team, regardless of sanctions. This team has a lot of potential if key players come back next year – and will be very good even if a lot of good players ply their trade in the National Football League.


  • USC played a great game and it was a heart breaker way to end it.

  • gotroy22

    Just got home from the game. Was in sgock over the ending. Definitely in the top 10 all time painful losses.

  • DiamondD

    Luck’s flop in an effort to gain an unsportsmanlike penalty late in the game was disturbing. He can throw the ball, but all the stuff about him being warrior-like is out the door.

    Starting to sense more Roethlisberger in him than Brady/Manning. He’ll be caught in an autograph-pandering scheme before we know it.

  • Carlos

    Simple fact: Last 4 possesions for Stanford ended with touchdowns, and a 2 point conversion to boot. If you can’t stop your opponent 4 times in a row you will end up losing. Great game by USC offense.

  • Carlos

    Simple fact: Last 4 possesions for Stanford ended with touchdowns, and a 2 point conversion to boot. If you can’t stop your opponent 4 times in a row you will end up losing. Great game by USC offense.

  • steve49

    some guys don’t bother me with their hate and stuff, but
    thaimex is without a doubt an illiterate butt wipe who couldn’t get in to ucla or usc after swimming across the river. This isn’t a response to him, I usually don’t read his worthless comments, but today is an exception.

  • marvgoux

    Mark Willard just called this a moral victory.

  • NOBS

    I highly doubt ANY Trojan on this board thought we’d win 10 games, even 9 games, maybe 8 and for sure 7. So it’s no big deal with the Trolls out. 49 is right on regarding ThaiBean. Any bRuin would give their right you-know-what to have our football program. BTW, has anyone seen NDickLarry?

    OMG, ThaiBean is on TV right now! He’s coming out of his tent at Occupy LA! And there’s Slob! Must have been a big week for REI!

  • NOBS, you lost the bet, what are you doing on this blog? are you negating on your bet for the second straight year? be man, and leave!

    I haven’t seen Moron, so I’m assuming he is 100X the man you are…the fact you haven’t seen your 1″ pecker for YEARS, due to it being buried in 12 layers of fat mass should not be an excuse for not being a “man” of your word.

  • USConquer

    God, what a bunch of winers on this blog!

    Ill give credit were credit is due:

    -Andrew Luck is a hellofa quarterback and he lead his team with confidence. I have more respect for him now.

    -Monte Kiffen has not figured out how to adjust to teams that exploit his defense’s weakness and that learn how to pick them apart. Monte needs to retire already.

    -Lane Kiffen needs to put the heat on hid father (I know itll be hard but he needs to do it) because LKs defenses are falling to get the job done. We had way more stamina than Stanfurd at the end of the game and we still lost

    -MB7 needs to focus more and to pull out his serious talents instead of messing around on the sidelines. The kids really talented.

    -Robert Woods and TJ McDonald made some unforgivable erros and handed the game in a tight, warm, moist package for Stanford to take with remorseless abandon.

    -We shall come back in a major way next week if we can follow these incipient stages for success in a pliable manner.

    -Fight ON my Trojan bretheren!!!

  • uscmike

    I am surprised no one has mentioned Hayes Pullard’s failure to wrap-up on Stanford’s first TD of the game. If he makes the tackle, Stanford settles for a FG. USC perhaps wins by four.

    Also, while USC got screwed by the refs on the last second, it should never come down to that. Kiffin failed to call a timeout earlier in that final drive that would have saved a few precious seconds. There is no good reason for USC to save two timeouts at the end of the game.

    Call of McDonald was a bad call. He hit the WR with his shoulder while the WR was falling, but still trying to make the catch.

    It was the second year in a row that clock issues and a questionable personal foul call cost USC in the closing seconds against Stanford. USC played a great game. This was a heartbreaking loss.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Am I sad that Charlize remains on this blog? No I am not. I need somewhere to put my poop, and well, Charlize is a bucket no less and quite accostomed to being pooped on.

    SC showed it is better than the #4 team in the country that may go on to play in the Natty title while we are on SANCTIONS no less!

    Meanwhile CRN’s clown crew gets the sorry ass Bears when they are in full “give up” mode and now they are thinking “pac 12 south” champs again! What a circus….

    We are the champs…

  • That’s right Mono, with a win over ASU this Saturday, we will have a good chance of earning the Pac-12 south title, and not just because USC is ineligible, because we earned it! (if we beat ASU) USC still has to play Oregon and a team with a coach that has USC’s number the Huskies, and the by the time we get you, you UCLA will be running on full steam, and who knows??? Don’t you feel a little silly talking all this crap about how horrible UCLA is, and yet we’re tied for second place with you? I think this calls for one of my famous caricatures. TASTE IT!!! :-p (__*__)