Kiffin Livid

Lane Kiffin was upset he did not get a timeout with 1 second left at the end of regulation.
“I’m really disappointed in the officials,” Kiffin said. “Extremely disappointed. They said (Robert Woods) was out of bounds which he wasn’t. I had asked for a timeout with one second left before the play. We could have kicked a 50-yard field goal to win the game.”

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  • Trojan Conquest

    2 years in a row SC got screwed by the clock. And 2 years in a row a stupid personal foul on Stanford’s last drive (in regulation) cost us big. Gallipo last year and McDonald this year.
    Why didn’t Woods just drop on the ground with a couple of seconds left?

  • sureshot

    Clock operators in the USC/Stanford games should clearly be vetted more than they are.

    Bad play call by Lane on the one that ended regulation too. With nine seconds, you have time to run two plays if you play your cards right. A 15 deep in would have done the trick, but a WR screen running across the field? Not wise.

    And I contend that the personal foul call against TJ that extended Stanford’s drive was ridic. He hit Oswusu with his shoulder. Are you not supposed to hit a guy? That’s F’ing ridiculous. Football is a collision sport. If that’s the case, he should just launch himself headfirst into dude next time and try to take him out of the sport… if they’re gonna call it on him anyway. BS-IMHO

  • TrojanPete

    Again, Kiffin should have called timeout after the first play of the last drive in regulation. With 3 timeouts (Stanford had none) and the ball at midfield, the game clock started up once the chains were moved. If he calls timeout like he should, Heidari has a chance to kick it for the win.

  • Yoda

    more anger from trojans.

    troubling this is.

    anger leads to hate.

    hate leads to suuuuuffering.

    much suffering is in store for the trojans, i sense.

  • USConquer

    Seriously Kiffen? thats lame. Maybe if u had used your timeouts sooner and coach the boys up so that they wouldn’t make major mental mistakes a la Woods and TJ Mcdonalds you wouldnt be complaining.

    Im not even gonna complain about the referrees because Woods knee was down and you didnt call a timeout until it was to late. Instead we need to focus on the mental mistakes and the growth stamina coaching that needed to happen at the end of that game for us to pull the win in more games like this.

    This loss was really really sad. but if Monte Kiffen and our defense’s keep on making the same mistake we are going to lose more games and I’m sure that people dont want that to keep on happening time and time again until the end of the season.