Luck Reaction

“There were a couple seconds there when I wanted to dig a hole and bury myself (after the interception). But the guys believed in me. I was happy there was still some time left on the play clock to go down there again. I was just relieved there was more clock left.”

— Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck
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  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    wolfman, you are truly covering the REST OF THE EARTH tonight, Bro!!! keep it up!! we’ll keep a couple of Preferred Plus Gals warmed up for you here at Cadre HQ!!!


    I always say that an SC football game is better than sex, if only because it lasts longer.

    That was the best 4-hour party I have ever attended. We were dancing the entire time (well, o.k., I was dancing). The band was great, the coli was loud, and oh yeah, the game was pretty good, too.

    I kept yelling at Woods to “Get down, get down,” but the fella didn’t hear me. Barkley said he was yelling the same thing, but Woods and other kids make mistakes. It still would have been a 50-yard field goal, so gimme.

    Maybe ol’ Ugly Bucket will have learned not to bet on sporting events. That game could have gone either way at several points, and then with an SC victory Ugly is gone forever. Or so he says, and as we know, what Ugly says usually has 1% truth and 99% brag attached to it.

    I have felt worse after a loss, especially to Oregon State (twice), Stanford in 2007 (which the Indians, oops, Cardinal, still brag about), and the 2009 to uckla (which they still brag about). Those games cost the Trojans a shot at the national title. Last night’s didn’t.

    It is a game we all will remember and treasure. And in the end, isn’t it memories that we cling to?

    Over and out.


    And so I walk into work this Sunday morning because the downtown streets are blocked for the marathon,and lo and behold I have a phone message saying that one of my best friends died in a car crash last night.

    And that, my fellow Trojans, puts matters into a proper perspective.

  • lbc trojan

    Well said LJ. Fight on!

  • mownyc

    Sorry to hear that awful news, LJ. Fight On.

  • bushwhite

    he’s being too modest. I think a 7th grader with a couple of people off the street could of scored on our defense last night. Especially in OT.

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