Referee Statement

Head referee Michael Batlan offered his version of events on the final play of regulation: “The ruling on the field was that we were going to overtime. Through review, it was seen that the knee was down and time had expired and therefore we were headed to an overtime period.[EP
“Any coach can ask for a timeout but he doesn’t get one until an official grants or signifies it. I was not part of any conversation with regards to a requested timeout.”

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  • BoscoH

    Looks like this was Batlan’s and his team’s bowl game too. Great work men. Don’t clear you calendars for the end of December or beginning of January.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    GEEZ LOUISE!! will the crybaby trOXans TRY to show a small little bitty amount of class???

    so sugar sweeeeeet that the trOXans call the Rudys quitters last week after the game and then after this LOSS they blame the refs!!! LIMBO U, how low can you go???

    go a little LOWER NOW!!!

    Limbo ON
    Grope ON
    Feit ON!!!

  • sureshot

    Seriously bucket… if you were to walk into oncoming traffic, no one on this blog would miss you. I’m sure your momma would weep, and you might have a male figure in your life that you suspect might be your dad, and those dudes would be down for a day or two, but no one here cares about your or your opinion. You should thank the lucky stars that you beat Cal. I know SC fans are happy. There’s still a chance that Richard may be coaching the baby bears next year. And really, isn’t that what we all want?

  • WRSC

    I agree with you, sureshot. The best news for SC today was that ucla won and Slick Rick will be their head coach for many years to come. SC will continue to dominate the “rivalry” and their football team will continue to be irrelevant.

    But I gotta give the Bucket full of crap credit for being proud of his team no matter how low they may be. Even after 10 years they still have 2006 to look back on and be happy in their continual beat down by SC.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    suresh!t: i can see you’re hurting. why don’t you just call the Cadre HelpLine? Cadre are standing by to help you trOXans get over it!! just call:
    1(800) wah wah wah – wah wah wah wah

    oh, ChuckerBucker, you’ve done it AGAIN!!!

  • Trojan Conquest

    The cockroaches are out.

  • steve49

    bucket of crap is so funny his put downs can’t be taken seriously, but then does anyone take this blog seriously? Perhaps piece of $hit taimex does, but then nobody reads his illiterature anyway.

  • Yoda

    devastating this loss was, hmmm?

    momentum aginst Ducks it surely would have provided.

    AP Title was possible i sense.

    remember, you trojans must:

    there is no try, there is only do, or do not!

    herh, herh, herh!