• steve49

    Oh please hurry Scott, I am on the edge of my seat in anticipation. I hope it comes just after your expert AP ballot.
    ONE of the great games in USC history win or lose, but not the greatest game, we lost.


    LaVale Woods, Hershel Dennis, Curtis…

  • Lane Kiffin

    Another Goatboy Kiffin choke job. The guy is just a loser. All that talent but keeps losing big games in the final seconds. Kiffin = loser.

  • gilligan

    This game reminded a lot of the Bush Push game. This game gave me a respect for Coach Kiffin considering that they almost beat Stanford and not to mention that Barkeley and Woods both had off nights. Aside from the fumble McNeal played a great game, defense played fantastic and USC was close to victory.
    Robey is on the verge of becoming something special and I think Telfer will start to become a force in the passing game. I think USC played a great game and I feel that they should keep their heads up b/c they still have some big games on the horizon to make this a good season.

  • WRSC

    @Lane Kiffin

    We already got that you’re a loser. You didn’t have to try so hard to let us know. You=Loser!

  • bushwhite

    game blown way out of proportion. I can guarantee no one will talk about this game 2 weeks from now. Just another bone head loss by USC.

    fire kiffin now

  • SECTION 12 ROW 52

    It’s been 3 years since there was that much fun in the Coliseum. It’s only going to get bettr. Been a Kiffin supporter from Day 1 and will continue to be unless he does something stupid. Freshmen & Sophomores all over the place last night. If Barkley returns, next year will be special.

  • bushwhite

    love the enthusiasm but I don’t even think $1 000 000 000 in cash could get barkley back next year. Or TJ Mac, or big juicy, or kalil, or marc tyler, or..

    next year could be the bottom out..we might be last in our division.

  • mownyc

    I think Matt would come back for a billion in cash. Regardless, $ is of little/no concern for Kalil, TJ, or Barkley. I agree Tyler’s gone, though not necessarily to the NFL. Kalil stays, Barkley stays if he thinks he can win a title/heisman or if he wants to be the first QB off the board. No idea what TJ’s thinking, but I’m guessing he’s gone. Under no circumstances will we be last in the division.

  • mownyc

    Okay, okay…

    If Barkley leaves and Kessler, Scroggins, and Wittek all completely suck, I suppose we could be last.

  • spedjones

    Shoots, I wish TJ would stay for 4 more years! His game-blowing personal fouls are legendary at this point!