On The Refs

Lane Kiffin clarified something tonight. He decided he wanted a timeout during the replay review of whether Robert Woods was down before the game ended. Kiffin said the replay showed Woods was down was 1 second left and that he wanted the timeout after the review, which would leave an extra second.
“I have talked to a few people (from the Pac-12),” Kiffin said. “How I was lied to (by the side judge).”
Kiffin said he told the side judge he wanted a timeout but did not get one. The head official said he was never told USC wanted a timeout.
“It would have been fun to see if we could make a 49-yard field goal,” Kiffin said.

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  • DT-89

    Well, “lied to” is some pretty strong language from Kiffin; more than we’re used to hearing, that’s for sure. But I think we need to remember that all of us and even Wolf are only part of Kiffin’s audience. The players are the forefront of his focus.

    I can see where Wolf is going with this, because it’s a pretty fine line between “whining about the refs” and “having your team’s back.” I think if the team plays sharp this Friday and then a hard and clean game against UW, then we can say that this disappointing loss didn’t cripple the team and some of the credit will have to go to the coach.

  • timmay

    He called it AFTER the play when the player was down and the time would have been gone????????

    Kiffin is making this whole thing weird for him and for supporters. Can we close the curtain on this so we don’t make a close loss look like it was some desperate moral victory?

    Woods didn’t make it out of bounds. If he had we would be having a different conversation. As it is, it is just making us look bad to have a coach call the refs “liars” because we lost the game and we didn’t get a smart final play executed. Coach Kiffin may bully some apology or something because of USC’s standing but at what cost?

  • SoCalMAB

    Kiffin had told the ref he would call time out the second Woods was down, ahead of the play, which is a request commonly honored in cfb. He did not get it. the replay shows 1 second left.

    The ref lied about the request. I clearly believe Kiffin here. It is a standard request.

    This was not the only ref screw up, recall the TWO incidents of clear pass interference that were not called. Even the broadcasters agreed, particularly about the one in the end zone.

  • be classy lane

    This is amazing — did Lane actually use the “lied”???? Talk about taking this to another level. How about just making sure your player realizes that he CANNOT LET THE CLOCK RUN OUT. How about not letting it come down to a split second decision where there is no certainty which way the call will go. How about saying, “I messed up. I should have made sure that he knew he had to get down quickly so we could call a time out.” Or how about, “I should have made sure it never got to this point by using one of my timeouts a play or two earlier which would have assured us a second or two to try and kick the field goal.” BE CLASSY LANE.

  • ThaiMex

    He’s a whiney, complaining, excuse making CLASSLESS little creep. In the mold of Garrett.
    fite on, sanction on, cheat on, GROPE ON, LIMBO U!

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Slope Spic, with 93,000 at the coli, how many bacon wrapped hot dogs did you sell?

    I almost bought one from you, I mean with your constant chatter of “hut dog hut dog hut dog” it gets hard…

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Love it. UCLA (finally) wins another game and the trolls come straight to a USC blog… can you say PATHETIC?! We take a Top-5 team led by the Heisman front-runner to TRIPLE-OVERTIME and could’ve (no wait… Pac-12 refs… should’ve) won! Yeah, UCLA fans see USC is actually making it’s way back to the top going into next season, and that the Bruins are going NOWHERE (even with a “W”) so they come here to vent and pout. Love it love it love it. Goes to show who’s who in LA. Thanks TaiMix!
    FIGHT ON!!

  • USConquer

    @USC owns: Its true that we are the best team in LA but what the hell are you talking about?? we are getting better not worst!! This triple overtime game showed that we could have won the game against a good team. Don’t diminish what our team will don in the next few games.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Huh? I didn’t say we were getting worse, we’re def getting better! Fight on!

  • spedjones

    SO Wolfie has been looking for a new nickname for Lane – how about “Blame” Kiffin? LOL, losers!