Rank The Game

There have been plenty of dramatic games in the past 20 years or so. Right now I’m tempted to say USC-Stanford ranks as No. 3 behind USC-Notre Dame (2005) and USC-Texas (BCS title game) in terms of drama and tension inside the stadium.

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  • bushwhite

    I don’t rank this game anywhere in “great games”

    It was another horrible performance by USC, especially the Defense which very obviously either gave up or had no ability at all to stop Andrew Luck and stanford after the half.

    It was a blown chance to return to elite status

    More dumb coaching by Kiffin

    another bone head mistake by a player to lose the game….this year it’s curtis mcneal instead of Jordan congdon. Whatever.

    Move the kiffins along to another position in life.

  • DT-89

    Totally agree. I think the Fresno State game was also remarkable, even though so much from that era now feels sand in the teeth. The Aaron Rogers Cal game was also one of the loudest I ever heard the home crowd.

    I would submit the 1987 and 1988 UCLA games because the stakes were so high and the atmosphere at both was electric. But that’s more than 20 years ago. Ouch. Shows how old I am.

  • USConquer

    I agree with bushwhite (Bush’s are something i never agree with) that it wasnt a great game. We should have won this at home. I have way more respect for A. Luck now. That guy reminds me of a young Dan Marino and he had no quit last night, just a bunch of remit.

    Gotta love how Monte Kiffin’s defense was inconsistent throughtout the game and how they couldn’t even defend any short pass plays up the middle and finally imploded at the end. Speak volumes about how our defensive team is being coached. Also, Barkeley should have been more focused instead of goofing around in the sideline during the last five minutes of regulation time and during overtime.

  • kconway

    I do not believe the significane of this game can be assessed yet.

    Yes it was an exciting, back and forth game, but…

    Does Stanford go on to an undefeated season and perhaps a BCS Championship; or have they been exposed as a flawed team with an exceptional qb?

    Does USC build on this game to regain their place as a feared and revered national power; or is it just another of a series of close losses to average/above average teams?

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    #1)i would have to go with the ’54 UCLA-Southern Cal games. UCLA shuts out Southen Cal for the second year in a row to win the NC!!!!!

    #2)’06 when Bruins knocked Southen Cal out of a sure win againt a tailor-made-for-SC OSU team in the Natl Title game!!!

    #3) Kiff leaves Bu$h on the bench for the biggest play in school history and Lendale “The Lunchpail” White is stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey on “4th and 1” ANOTHER lost title!! the look on reggie’s face as he stood helplessly on the sidelines will haunt me for the rest of my life…

    #4) 3OT loss to Stanford: one week after calling the defeated Rudys “quitters” the trOXans biggest lip Gallupo is pushed all around the field, astonishingly, making ZZERO tackles in 3OT’s!!!! game could have put Southen Cal in line for mythical AP title!!!

    ahhhhh what a GREAT DAY!!!! i feel so ALIVE!!!!!!!!

  • Trojan 70

    Heybucket – what kind of life do you lead exactly? There are more comments by you and your other handles in the last 12 hours on this blog by far than any one Trojan or even CerritosLob. I mean really, do you have a family, a job, a life? Anything? I say this with no animosity or dislike, but you are beyond pathetic. Channel the time you spend here on doing something constructive – like raising a family or doing something substantial at a place of employment. Shit read a book. Get a life little boy…

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    torgan70: because i am a candy industry bigshot and have learned to manage my time and use technology, i actually spend less time on there than you think!! i think fast, i type fast and i move fast!! hell, i should be on here more, but i am so busy!!

    i had a great morning and am going to have a great afternoon and after that a great evening!! can you say that? i hope you can! i hope everyone can! i fee SO ALIVE!!!!

    how can enjoying wolfman’s blog be wrong, when it feels so RIGHT????

    but now back to bidness: am i the only one who has noticed that Curtis McNeal looks just like the late sitcom and Reality show star Gary Coleman??? i noticed it last night and confirmed it with this pic from from the torgan website…see for yourself:


    “what ‘choo talkin’ ’bout, Ref????”

  • BruinTodd

    Candy industry billionair? Heck yeah Charles bucket if you hook me up with a life supply of chalkolate I don’t even know what I would do. Im happy as hell your having such a sweet day….me to I mean what is there to be upset about? A referre? Heck no not now not never

  • BruinTodd

    I always hate it when other people gotta try so hard to bring me down to what ever pit there sliding in just let a man be happy and may be you will be happy to

  • SECTION 12 ROW 52

    The 1996 UCLA game, despite the loss.

  • BoscoH

    I’m gonna go super old school and again mention the 1986 Baylor game with T-Mac’s grab of a fumble out of the air and taking it 99 yards to the house. Now someone bring me and DT-89 our false teeth and a plate of grits.

  • DT-89

    BoscoH goes 80s! I love it. I was watching that Baylor game in the dorms!

    Obviously, UCLA 1990 was heartstopping, but we were favored in that game. I seem to recall the Bruins were under .500 for that season.

    Here’s one I haven’t seen yet: The only other overtime game at home: Oregon State 2001. We came back rather surprisingly and Carson Palmer won it in OT with a short run while dragging in a tackler. It was a huge game because it allowed us to have a chance at .500 before we shut out UCLA and went to a bowl game. Pete Carroll’s first season and it was a true turning point.

  • dcard1097

    The 1990 USC-UCLA game, when J Morton catches a TD pass in the last seconds to give USC a 45-42 victory over those gutty little Bruins.
    I will admit that there are times when I actually wish UCLA was somewhat good…that way they would be a worthy opoonent and perhaps we’d have exciting games like that again. Oh those were the days….

  • marvgoux

    Umm how about 1967 USC 21 fulca 20 #1 vs #2 in the nation, SC blocks 3 kicks and OJ’s 64 yard run for the ages through the entire gutty defense to win it?

  • Jethro Sabbath


    Just to avoid being hypocritical shouldn’t you point out that your pick for number one only resulted in a paper champeenship for your beloved Bruins, actually 1/2 of a paper champeenship?

  • Globe

    I like that Charlie has to go back 57 years to find 2 good things that happened in SC-UCLA games.