Sour Side Of Game


Last night’s USC-Stanford game was one of the most dramatic and suspenseful college football games in recent memory. It also provided a wonderful platform for Trojans coach Lane Kiffin, who had the privilege of being a participant and nearly pulled off a big upset.
At the least, Kiffin could enjoy getting the Coliseum atmosphere back to the glory days.
Instead, he could not resist letting his sour side take over by berating the officials in his post-game press conference. It made Kiffin seem small and petty. One could imagine Pete Carroll smiling and using the game as a building block as he discussed it with the media.
Kiffin chose a different role that comes natural: Whiner.
A USC official even gestured to Kiffin to stop talking about the officials during the tirade.
So the referee did not call timeout with 1 second left? Then don’t run a play over the middle or instruct your player to hit the ground early to guarantee a field goal.
Not everything is the ref’s fault. I didn’t hear Stanford coach David Shaw complain that USC did not have a penalty called on it until the fourth quarter. Or that the Cardinal had 11 penalties and the Trojans three.
But the actual circumstances are beside the point. A team assumes its coach’s character. Pete Carroll used to tell me how he wanted his teams to feed off his positive energy.
Kiffin only dimished himself after the game last night. And it stole from what could have been one of his prouder moments.

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  • jetman624

    Damn… You are such a putz, Wolf.

    Who the heck are you to point out the negativity or “whining” of someone else?!? That is all you do! You have built your entire blog around being overly negative and whiny. Oh, I mean “controversial”…

    You should stick to reporting the facts because your opinions make you look stupid.

  • SC for LIFE

    You need to learn when and how to open your mouth Scott.

    The only thing negative and sour about USC is you and the fact you cover them. You are an embarrassment to all that is good about SC. You better hope I never see you in public. I will shit on your very existance in front of everyone and embarrass you to no end.

    Take your helium filled lungs, your bald head, and your 2 year old lisp and go f@*k yourself.

  • Carlos

    Mr. Wolf, your positive comments through the years are lengendary and no doubt you have had a wonderful influence on the lives of many fans.

  • kconway

    Wolf you are a total a**hole.

    I read your blog less and less because your cynicism and small mindedness are so boring and predictable.

    But in this case you have gone too far…you need to flagged for a late hit.

    Kiffin coached his team up; he called a very good game; his team was on the wrong end of numerous bad/questionable calls. After the game he spoke the truth with significant clarity, and in doing so he stuck up for his team and the supreme effort they gave.

    Kiffin and his team are growing…you on the other hand are not.

    F*** You!!!

  • timmay

    Scott Wolf is whining about someone whining. That alone is funny putting aside the fact that he has a point (we are in danger of morphing into Notre Dame with the whining and it is unsubstantiated).

    Let’s just say, hey, we played a good game, hats off to Stanford for winning it in the end but we really feel like this isn’t close to the best this team has. This just makes us hungrier.

  • umpalumpa4sc

    “small and petty”??? i think you’re in small minority of people who think this. although, your blog can seem small and petty much of the time – so you may know what you’re talking about. even making a comment about him seeming small and petty is in itself small and petty.

  • Scott, continue being yourself and report what you see, which is what the Daily News pays you for. Some here don’t realize that on these BLOGS you are not reporting the game details…this is a blog, and it is designed to create a topic for people to discuss an event – sometimes positive and sometimes negative, and apparently it’s working. SC for life if you hate Scott so much, why don’t go somewhere else and leave OUR blog? yes our blog. hehehe

  • TrojanInMichigan

    I’m sure the irony of your post is not lost on you Scott.

    I would actually agree that SC got away with a few calls, and that Woods should have just slid – he had a very mediocre game by the way, never looked comfortable.

    But the call on McDonald was just horrible. Yes, it was brutal, but that is absolutely Luck’s fault. And that was a shoulder tuck by TJ, nobody even disputes that. The message to safeties is: if the WR is in an awkward position (eg low to the ground to catch a bad ball over the middle) you have to let him catch it. SC should’ve just done that the other way. Forget the quick slants – how about 10 yard seam patters right at the safety?! The physics of that play made the hit unavoidable. And it was 3rd and 10! I think that absolutely changed the dynamic of the game for the defense. You go from 4th and 10 in Cardinal territory, to 1st and 10 in Trojan territory.

    Anyway, despite Scott’s cheery outlook, I think it was a statement game. Big game by the D-Line. Feel bad for McNeal. He should’ve been given the ball more in the 4th quarter. Those 3-and-outs killed us late. It was ours to lose, but nonetheless, we’re getting better every game it seems. Happy for Robey too!

  • kconway

    Bruin Rob

    There is no question as to Wolf’s right to be small minded. We are exercising our right to call him out.

    I went to both UCLA and USC and the Bruins on this blog remind why i now consider myself a Trojan for life.

    So many UCLA “people” are irrationality controlled by USC envy/hatred. I don’t get it. UCLA is a great institution in many, many respect. USC is a also a great institution.

    Bruins get over your shallowness. You diminish yourselves and a the great university you alledge to support.

  • Gnossos

    “It made Kiffin seem small and petty.”
    Kind of like you, eh Wolfie?

  • kconway

    Wolf is this what you suggested Kiffin say?

    “I am proud to have been part of a great, no, let me say historic game.

    In spite of the fact that the officials missed a blatant pass interfernce call in the end zone on Robert Woods; and that the flag on Marquise Lee was uncalled for; and that the call on TJ McDonald late in game could have easily not been called in the spirit of let them play, i am totally supportive of the officials.

    In fact i was most pleased that they went back on their word on did not give us the 1 second we needed to attempt a winning field goal. Their reneging on their word only added to this historic game by enabling us to play three exciting overtime periods.

    Thank you again. I will remember this loss fondly for the rest of my coaching career.

    Finally, I would like to thank Scott Wolf for assitaing me in my journey of personal growth.”

  • DT-89

    I cannot believe all the people on this site who don’t realize when they’re being baited by Wolf. Round up the usual suspects!

    While I believe Scott is more off base than right on here, it’s an understandable difference of opinion. Having been there last night, I’d like to think we can cut some slack (but not too much) to the raw emotions after a game like that.

    I’ll reserve judgment on trashing Kiffin for his comments (which I found pretty mild by “coaching tirade” standards). But Wolf himself captured some good emotion of the game as well, and I guess he felt Kiffin diminished it. Let’s see what the next few days bring.

  • bushwhite

    Scott deal with reality like Kiffin is.

    PC could laugh it off and call it a “building block” because he had job security and had won NC games. Kiffin has not. He is in obvious panic mode burning the redshirt of farmer, etc, to win big games. But he cannot. He knows he is in hot water with fans and alumnus for the crappy teams he is fielding. He needed a signature win. I am sorry, beating a mediocre ND team is not a signature win. Beating #4 Stanford is.
    I would whine and bitch too and try to cya and blame it on the refs if my job was on the line like Kiffin.

    I don’t care if everyone is going to talk about this game around the water cooler tomorrow or ESPN will show highlights all day today..we lost. That is all that matters and all that everyone is going to remember 3 weeks from now. There was 50 other teams who almost won yesterday, too. No one cares. We are not going to move up the rankings by losing. This is far too common for this team. We were leading Stanford last year too, and blew the game. Ditto for Oregon. Washington.

    Until Kiffin plays some D in the last few minutes of a game and does some good coaching, we will just be another 7-5 team with loses to every decent team we face. That’s the bottom line. I know everyone loves kiffin now and the team “grew up” or whatever dumb catchphrase of choice, but we still lost. And next year, we will be without MB, TJ McDonald, Nick Perry,
    big juicy, Galippo, marc tyler, kalil..etc etc. Next year is going to be a nightmare.I will be happy with 6-6 to be honest. THIS WAS THE YEAR TO DO SOMETHING.

    And they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory again. If Kiffin wanted to witn with a 50 yd field goal he should of told the WR’s to fall down as soon as they caught the ball. Whatever it took.

    Well fellow Trojan fans, year is over. What do we have? Another 8-4 or at best 9-3 with losses to Oregon, ASU and Stanford, the only decent teams we faced. Same as last year. Looking at worse next year.


  • BoscoH

    The ref was a vindictive jerk after being challenged on his call that they were going to OT. The officials are supposed to work as a team, and clearly, they didn’t when it mattered most.

    There’s a lot of shin kicking and ball grabbing going on in the whole subtext of USC as a program under sanctions. The only love we really have a chance for is the AP Poll, and the voters are fickle because they know we won’t show up anywhere else.

    I’m beginning to think that the first true measure of Kiffin as a coach will be MB7’s decision. If Barkley moves on, it signals indifference. He’ll make a few million just for showing up and with some good cards may make a lot of money. If he stays, it says that a pretty good kid trusts Kiffin enough to forego that wealth for a year. The latter wouldn’t surprise me.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    OMG!!! GEEZ LOUISE!!!i just got back from Brunch in Newport Beach!! and you trOXans are still crying “we wuz robbed”?????

    wolfman, AWESOME slapdown of the Sour Patch Kid (kiffy)!!!!!!!!!!!!

    he should blame himself, or Gallupo whe was pushed backwards all night!!! or woods who droppped how many balls and pulled a brain freeeze in his biggest game??

    or the Pious Passer, who ONCE AGAIN failed to lead your bunch of crybabies to a comeback win!!!

    wolfman, you are taking your game to a whole ‘nother level with your coverage of this team!!!!!

    ok Cadre, group howl on three: 1…..2……3


  • Yoda

    great anger in the trojans, i sense.

    stong the Dark Side is with them.

    uses the force like a true Jedi, Luck does.

    much indecision and fear in Padewon Barkley i sense.

    remember Sith Lord Kiffin must:

    there is no try, there is only do, or do not!

    herh, herh, herh!

  • Very simple, a couple difference between UCLA and USC is that USC beats the teams it supposed to beat (even if it’s ugly), while UCLA loses to the teams it’s supposed to beat…second difference is UCLA loses in a very ugly way, while USC keeps them close, but either way a loss is a loss and a win is a win…and at the end of the day, I’m willing to bet a dollar (although you USC fans will deny it) that it eats you up, knowing that after all the trash you’e been talking about UCLA we are all tied up in the Pac-12 South standings, and when we beat ASU next week before a filled Rose Bowl we will be in first place in the Pac-12 South at 4-2 while USC will drop to 3-3 after a loss to Oregon, and another loss to Washington will make you 3-4 while UCLA will be 5-2 after another win at Utah and 6-2 after another win vs. Colorado and by the time we face USC, UCLA will be so confident and USC so battered that it’s possible that UCLA might just run the table….Ahhhh yessssss, and we play Oregon for the Pac-12 Title and we pull the upset of the year, then we host Ohio State in the Rose Bowl on New Year’s day…ohhhh yessssss! and Rick Neuheisel will not only save his job, but the entire city of L.A. will be painted Sky Blue and Gold again, and happy days will be here again….ohhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeah!!

  • arealrascal

    Personally, I think it is a tribute to the Trojan fans that they’re not on here screaming about the refs screwing ’em over… rather they’re merely pointing out the irony of Wolf calling someone else small and petty.

  • jetman624

    Saying that Wolf “baited” the usual suspects with these comments is giving him way too much credit. He is a moron and we all know it. If it wasn’t for the occasional relevant fact he posted from time to time, no one would visit this blog.

    His opinions are genuine. He does understand the game as poorly as it appears.

    Thankfully Pedro Moura does a much better job for ESPN and their are lots of other sites to seek out insightful commentary from those who understand the game.

  • USConquer

    Come on people! This is pathetic. I don’t log onto this blog to see Trojans bashing Trojans and whining to boot. This doesn’t boad well for us.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    conquer: this blog has been Cadre territory for years now. we’re not haters, we’er lovers!! we just appreciate a fair and balanced approach to covering Southern Cal sports!!

    Moura is a good kid, but the wolfman has forgotten more about Southern Cal sports than the rest of the media combined will ever know!!!

    oh! i just cant lose this weekend, i just made a banana shake with seaweed and ginko it tastes deviiiii-ine!!(gay Mono voice!!) watch out Preferred Plus Gals!! you gonna need to wear you hard hat to Cadre HQ tonight!!!

  • Dr. Watson

    It is without doubt that the referees made several bad calls in this game. Most notably, 3 blatant pass interference non-calls against Stanford defenders on potential long gains by SC. (Stanford defenders are smart enough to take the potential call to prevent a longer gain by a reception) The “taunting” call in the end zone for a quick look-back at the trailing defender was, at best, a cheap call. The most troublesome was the regulation ending call. Kiffin has clearly pre-indicated a last second time out, a common practice these days, which was simply ignored by the ref. That ref should have had the honesty and guts to insist on taking time out. The receiver was clearly down with at least 1 and maybe event 2 seconds left. Its not whining to make a fair and accurate comment. By any objective measure the refs effected the outcome by some very questionable calls.

  • TrojanInMichigan

    DT-89 makes some good points.

    It has crossed my mind that there will never be a scenario or a game played or a statement by a USC coach – ANY USC coach – where Scott Wolf won’t find hypocrisy at play. It’s how he’s made his name in LA (eg people love or love to hate a “contrarian” – especially when things are going well, a la USC 2003-2008ish). So while I read his blogs – I read all SC blogs – I understand that this is basically the home of cynicism. If you’re in the mood for cynicism, this is where you come. It’s an easy way to write, it’s usually “biting,” and it usually attracts attention more than measured reporting.

    Scott is very capable of making very good observations, but he also has one foot in the door of the Jay Mariotti school of journalism. I prefer Rick Telander, but he doesn’t write about USC, so I read Scott for the occasional gems.

  • .mownyc

    Wolf is right on here. Name a WINNER that whines like this guy, name ONE. He ran a f’ing moronic play to begin with, it’s on him but narcissists are never at fault, are they Coach Kiffin?

  • Lane Kiffin

    Goatboy Kiffin whining like the little b*tch he is LOL
    F-ing loser. Good thing the schedule sucks or he would be run out already. Him and his stupid old man are nothing but small time losers on a big stage , they never deserved. 56 points at home to a bunch of nerds with a good qb. Wow so proud Goatboy … just another loss.

  • Lane Kiffin

    Keep whining your way out of job Goatboy. Nice choke job, G another one. Win something once , you loser

  • mownyc

    Gotta agree with fake me. At the very least, you make damn sure woods knows to hit the ground. The sprint to the sideline was painfully dumb. Yes, there was a second left. But most of this is on Kiffin, Woods, and Barkley.

  • bushwhite

    2 things to think about

    1. Even if woods had fallen down, would AH would of made a 54 yd field goal? I love the guy he’s a great Trojan but that’s asking alot

    2. After Oregon hands 50 + on us again, will any of this matter?

    3. I do love the posts by thai maxipad and bucket, watching angry frustrated UCLA fans on here because their teams SUCKS really makes my day. When bucket is gone to a UCLA board and the Bruins are winning I will be worried.

  • mownyc


    Agree it’s a tough kick, 50/50 at best. But considering he hit one from 50 earlier, you need to let him try. And no, if Oregon pounds us, none of this will matter.

  • oregon111

    “And no, if Oregon pounds us, none of this will matter.”

    Ducks not nearly as good as last year – too many key players lost to end of eligibility, including Cliff Harris

    I still maintain that the officials would have given that 1 second back to Pete Caroll

    I would love to say “we will show you all how to beat Stanford”, but I am nervous about playing Washington – should be an exciting finish to a pac12 championship

    Az St gets a 1 game playoff to a Rose Bowl

  • mownyc


    I don’t see you losing to Stanford. They’re good, but you’re still too explosive IMO.

    One thing, though — I only caught a bit of the WSU game, but I did see Barner and James having words heading into halftime… trouble in the family or non-issue? I assume it’s not a problem, but it looked a little heated.

  • NotaFanofYou

    You are the whiny Sour Puss Scott. Man I would love to punch you in the face. Maybe it would straighten out your crooked mouth and speaking of nonsense.

  • ThaiMex

    weh, weh, weh, weh, weh, weh, weh, whats with all the bitching and moaning.
    Good ol’ fashioned “HOME COOKIN” couldn’t save you whiney sissies (NO/ZERO penalties on SCUm until the 4th QUARTER?) How many holding penalties did the ref’s decide not to call?
    BONEHEAD PLays from the team and bigger BONER’s from “DUMB and DUMBER” (aka the IFFEN’s).
    TRY this one on for size…Your kicker has 1 second left to make a fifty yarder….the kick is low, Stanford blocks it, recovers and runs it back for SEVEN BIG ONES! Game OVER!
    Trash talk against the opposition last week…Whine and bitch this week…Way to keep it CLASSY Trogan!

  • Jethro Sabbath


    Do yourself a favor. Stepback and take a look at the time and effort you have spent here over the last 24 hours.
    As your friend it is hard for me to say this but it is time for an intervention. Nobody should devote this nuch of his time to a sports blog, let alone one of the opposition.

    I think if you accept the severity of your problem there is still hope for you and you know that I will be there for you.


  • bestlakersfan

    Scott, you are the definition of pathetic.

  • sureshot

    “Instead, he could not resist letting his sour side take over”

    The phrase “the pot calling the kettle black” was invented for times like this.

  • bushwhite

    keep em coming buckethead thaimaxipad and bruinbob/rob/steve/joe whoever!

    kinda down after this loss and watching bruin fans whose program is so pathetic they have to come on a USC board in their mom’s basement at 3 am to post worn out slams makes me happier.

    Can you guys give me any preview of what stupid crap your going to pose the day rick new weasel gets fired?

    come on just a taste?!!!

  • USConquer

    @bushwhite Really bro? I gave you props on another post only for you to write an embarassing runon sentence full of mistakes mispellings and grammar errors?

    Forget thaimex. dont waste your time with him/her. keep your head above the liquid. we’re better than that. Fight ON!!

  • Trojan Rewind

    it’s pretty funny to see the Pete Carroll wannabees trying to support Lane….but the fact is, USC could have won that game, but due to bad clock management…they didn’t win…

    all you Internet geeks can hate on Scott all you want, but all of you know he is right on this matter…you are just too dumb to recognize the situation…what a surprise…

  • dcard1097

    No, Scott is not right. In all honesty, he rarely is. I do believe though that since he is supposed to have an insiders perepective on what goes on with USC’s football program, one would assume that he’d be right more times than he is wrong. I’m sorry to say though that this does not seem to be the case.

  • Jethro Sabbath

    A question that has not been asked is why wasn’t a timeout called after the first completion on the last drive. The clock did stop to move the chains but then it was restarted and 5-10 seconds ran off before the ball was snapped. Those seconds should have been saved as they would have been much more valuble than the two timeouts we still had when regulation ended.

  • radioman

    Mike Greenberg ESPN agreed with Kiffin, and of course Scott would never whine. Why to justify his own whining Scott even praised Pete Carroll, didn’t even refer to him as Ceasar. This blog is going from bad to worse to pathetic

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    well put, Jethro, also a timeout would have allowed Kiff to set up a quick hitting pass or run, and more importantly tell the team: “EVERYONE YELL TIMEOUT AT THE REFS when the ball is down!!!!”

    instead Woods takes off like a squirrel and runs out the clock! so why does Kiff keep blaming the Refs???