Sunday Night With Kiffin

Lane Kiffin said Sunday night he thought USC would win the game when Nickell Robey intercepted a pass for a touchdown.
“I really felt like that was it,” Kiffin said. “Those dark clouds that started to move last Saturday had a chance to go away.”
Kiffin said Nickell Robey and Marqise Lee were in tears in the locker room after the game.
Kiffin said his usual fumble policy is not in effect with Curtis McNeal because it was a fumbled pitch.
“It’s not as bad,” Kiffin said. “It’s not good.’

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  • ThaiMex

    FUMBLED PITCH??? Kiffy cannot tell the truth, EVER!
    Fumble policy not in effect because it was a fumbled PITCH?(it was a handoff, jerk) McNeal being Head and SHOULDERS ahead of the rest of your depleted running backs corp probably has more to do with it.
    Time outs, bad calls, now this? Kiffy is perfect for LIMBO U carrying on in The fine Torgan tradition of LIARS, Cheats, and whiners!
    fite on, sanction on, Spit on, and do a little grope’in while you’re at it!
    You can’t spell SCUm without usc!

  • NOBS

    Hey ThaiBean, be careful or Kiff will fire your relatives, you know, his gardner, dishwasher, maid, and driver, oh wait, his driver is an AMERICAN.

    BTW, SCotty, call it what it is….Sunday Night With Kiffin and 20 OTHER reporters.

  • bushwhite

    yeah! more stupditiy from thai maxipad! woohoo!

    man I love watching frustrated UCLA fans post worn out slams on here! then ya gotta know how bad the UCLA progam is when their fans are all on USC boards jealous as hell! man when rick new weasel gets fires ater this year I bet we will get a fountrain of stupidity from thai maxipad and bruin/rick/rob/dan/bob/whoever…!!

  • thekatman

    Even when UCLA wins, the fan base is still frustrated. Cant blame em though. USC loves Rick Neuheisal and hopes that Dan Guerrero keeps him 10 more years. Talk about someone who deosnt tell the truth. Everything out of Rick’s mouth is just twisted verbal masterbation over shattered dreams spoken as faith and hope. So… How’s that “hope” and “change” working out for ya?

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Love it. UCLA (finally) wins another game and the trolls come straight to a USC blog… can you say PATHETIC?! We take a Top-5 team led by the Heisman front-runner to TRIPLE-OVERTIME and could’ve (no wait… Pac-12 refs… should’ve) won! Yeah, UCLA fans see USC is actually making it’s way back to the top going into next season, and that the Bruins are going NOWHERE (even with a “W”) so they come here to vent and pout. Love it love it love it. Goes to show who’s who in LA.
    FIGHT ON!!