The Top 25

Here is my ballot for this week’s Associated Press poll:

1. Boise State
2. LSU
3. Alabama
4. Stanford
5. Oklahoma State
6. Oregon
7. Arkansas
8. Oklahoma
9. Clemson
10. Nebraska
11. Michigan State
12. Kansas State
13. Auburn
14. South Carolina
15. Virginia Tech
16. Michigan
17. Georgia
18. Georgia Tech
19. Penn State
20. Arizona State
21. Houston
22. Cincinnati
24. Ohio State
25. Southern Miss

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  • lbc trojan

    Good call leaving SC in. They’re a hell of a team.

  • spedjones

    Haha, TJ McBonehead for President!

  • marvgoux

    Stanfraud isn’t a top five team. SC exposed Luck’s Heisman campaign. Matt Barkley is better. That pick six should have lost the Indians the game

  • .mownyc

    Boise State would beat both of these teams handily.

  • mindshed

    The pick 6 would have ended the game… if they didn’t have a Heisman caliber QB to shake it off and drive down the field for a tying TD šŸ˜›

  • TrojanInMichigan

    spedjones…you should explain what he should have done different. NOT tuck the shoulder? Should he wait for him to catch the ball, and get upright and start running down the field. That kind of hit happens 9 out of 10 times in a cover 2 – when you throw a 10 yard slant right at the safety. McDonald was running downhill towards the play as a good safety should. Had Owusu caught the ball and TJ popped it out – no penalty, and Luck would’ve been chastised for leaving his receiver out to dry like that. Instead, the refs walk Stanford down the field, and totally change the momentum of the game.

    Good bracket Scott.

  • Trojsteve5

    Your opinion while disagree on a few spots. Michigan St. lost easily to Nebraska not an eleventh best team in the country probably on par with the Trojans at bottom of Top 25. Kansas St. over rated got whacked by Oklahoma.Alabama will prove to be #1 this Saturday night. Stanford has not proved to be a top five team yet in any manner.

  • spedjones

    Yeah, Furd has only won every game they played…bunch of softies.

  • oregon111

    I would drop Furd to #9, a tie in regulation is not a win

    I would drop Boise St to #12

    Ok St is prime meat for a loss – they play in a weak conference

    if, LSU beats bama, Ok beats Ok st, Oregon beats furd,

    then the Ducks could go back to NC – and play a rematch with LSU