Upon Further Review

One question unanswered even tonight was why USC ran a fairly complicated play on the pass to wide receiver Robert Woods at the end of regulation?
A run would be safe and enable the clock to stop. A short sideline route would also be much safer. But the Woods play offered some strange possibilities (he actually caught the ball two yards behind the line of scrimmage) and then was supposed to gain enough yardage to get into field-goal range. And then a timeout would be called.
It just seemed like an unnecessary risk with a chance to win the game.

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  • Rich K

    Unfortunately Lane has a dependency on Woods. The guy is a great athlete however it becomes too obvious a call.

  • bushwhite

    1. Lane cannot got 5 minutes without calling a bubble screen to robert woods. He hyperventilates if he doesn’t and has to breath into a paper bag

    2. he was afraid if he ran with curtis mcneal, mcneal would fumble and lose the game. Oops he did that anyway

    3. he lives in a delusional world thinking hey,
    if we have to go to OT my dad’s D can stop them!
    (he also believes in the tooth fairy)

    4. He had a pre planned excuse, if we lose blame
    it on the refs/weather/”players cannot finish”

    5. he knows that after Oregon beats us again by 25
    points none of this will matter anyway

    6. Lane cannot go more than 5 minutes without calling
    a bubble screen to robert woods.

    7.he correctly thought that being at home the clock
    operator would cut us a break. Dont’ know what
    happened there.

    8. Lane called a run but since Orgeron was yelling
    so loud no one heard him and MB called an audible.

    9. He wouldn;t know how to respond if USC actually
    won a signature victory big game

    10. Lane cannot go more than 5 minutes without calling
    a bubble screen to robert woods.

  • dtksr1

    This is all hindsight now. The game is over, the refs made the call and a fumble determined the game… actually some undiscipline helped determine the game, didn’t it. The team is showing improvement, something we have been waiting for and Kiffin needs to keep the spirit & execution of the team moving forward. I am going to the Colorado game (and probably freeze my ass off) and I hope to see no let down.

  • bushwhite

    the bottom line is Lane has to start winning big games. USC fans and alumnus are not going to be happy with 8-4 record losing to the powerhouse teams on the schedule.

    Moral victories are for conference USA teams that sacrifice themselves to SEC teams for the payout
    so their school can build a library.

    2010 stanford, oregon, notre dame loss loss loss

    2011 Stanford loss oregon loss comong soon

    1 victory so far over a very pedestrian ND team, not saying much. Maybe Layla better start house shopping outside of USC.

    Not even to mention this whole dillon baxter fiasco. CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN THAT TO ME??ANYONE?

  • thekatman

    Hey bushwhite… Since you aren’t a member of The Trojan Family, there isn’t any sort of reason for you to know anything.

  • dcard1097

    bushwhite, you’re obviously a passionate fan and in some ways I can relate to your frustration, but I think you’re expectations are a tad high and I think you are also being a little too critical. The Kiffin tenure is a work in progress…and I really believe slight progress is what we are seeing.
    This team played their hearts out last night which is saying a lot for a team on probation that has nothing to play for but pride, and was a play or two away from beating the #4 team in the nation.
    The flag called on TJ McDonald late in the game was questionable, and if Kiffin was granted a time out then a possible 50 yard field goal could have won the game. The fact of the matter is that neither happened, USC lost, and it should be put in the past. It’s true that their are no moral victories, but coming that close to beating Stanford, and a victory AT Notre Dame the week before are def sighs of PROGRESS (and not to mention seeing the defense getting better)

  • USConquer

    @katman. I thought bushwhite was a USC alumne, thanks for pointing that out. bushwhite if your not part of the Trojan family you should think twice before you post your opinions here.

  • JAG

    “Unnecessary risk”?

    Really. USC is out of FG range and there’s only time for one more play. So Kiffin calls a high-percentage completion pass to USC’s best and most reliable player.

    No matter what play Kiffin calls, the ball still has to end up in somebody’s hands. And if that player runs around for 9 seconds, then time expires regardless of the playcall. It turned out to be a bad play, but Kiffin had to try something…or settle for a 57 yard attempt. As it was, Kiffin’s play got the necesary yardage with 1 second left on the clock.

  • sdog

    The pass to Woods actually worked perfectly. If Woods went down and called time out instead of trying to run out of bounds and the field goal was successful, Kiffen would have been a genius.

  • LanceKiffin

    Actually Barkley stated after the game that the play never goes wide like that, it’s designed to cut upfield. Of course Wolf knows this since I read that quote on this site. At this point I have to think that most of Wolf’s sniping is personal between him and Kiffin and I’m rapidly losing interest in Wolf’s petty swipes.

    If Kiffin stated the sky was blue I’m pretty sure Wolf would have a post saying that Kiffin didn’t take clouds and smog into effect and there’s quite a bit of white and brown in the sky. It’s really small, petty and cheap and I’m certain that it effects his ability to get any real “inside” information so he just makes more small and petty posts.

    When was the last time Wolf “broke” any REAL USC news? 2 days late on Baxter. Perhaps it was that CJ Spiller scoop.

  • gotroy22

    People need to forget about blaming the refs. Two plays before the last play in regulation when Barkley passed to Telfer to the 40 yard line, Kevin Graf was holding the jersey on a Stanford rusher so blatantly that both ABC announcers commented on it. The refs weren’t favoring one team or the other. They missed calls for both teams. It was a great game and we are a program on the rise to the top once again.

  • .mownyc

    What’s this member of the Trojan Family crap? Do you mean an alum? Family member is an alum ? You can’t be a member of the Trojan Family if you didn’t attend USC ? What’s up with that ? Bushwhite is passionate about USC football, he’s got legit gripes, but anyone who dares to speak against the tide is not a member of the Trojan Family, a bRUI etc. Do you know how utterly silly that sounds?

    The play Kiffin called was moronic, just moronic and yet he blames the refs. Surprisingly, he didn’t throw the players involved under the bus as usual. Kiffin needs to grow up and grow a pair, even the horrible Ted Tollner didn’t blame the refs and I don’t remember Hackett doing so either. Just once, JUST ONCE, take responsibility for what you do Lane, but since you’re a spoiled little narcissist, you won’t.

  • sdog

    I agree that you you cannot always blame the refs, there is always missed calls on both sides, however, you have to remember there is a history between SC and the Pac 10 refs. Last year the Pac 10/12 basically cleaned house, firing many of the game officials. This was brought about by indisputable evidence that there was a clear bias against SC. There was such a discrepancy between penalties called against SC and lack of penalties called against opponents the Pac 10/12 admitted they had “no explanation”. This was over an 8 year stretch, not just a one year anomaly. To the Pac 10/12 credit, they have tried to rectify the problem and on the whole the officiating has gotten much better.

  • bushwhite

    hey skatman and usc conquer,




  • Bushwhite is the most passionate fan on here, he basks in the glory when USC wins, but is also quick to point the deficiencies in the USC coashing staff, play calling etc. This crap ahout “Trojan Family” crap is absurd!! He was the right to post wherever the puck he wants, you jackasses!! I didn’t go to UCLA but I’m as passionate as Bushwhite is about USC, and in all these years I have never had a UCLA alum once tell me or asked to stop posting on a UCLA blog, you guys pucking pathetic!!

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    HAWR-HAWR!! oooooh! the trOXans are making membership is the “trOXan family” a prerequisite to posting on the wolfman’s blog??

    why? to keep the smart people out?

    sure you assorted dummies, nattering nabobs of negativity and cyber-bullies would love to keep this “in the family” much like clans of incestuous hillbillys reject the outside world!!

    well, here’s a news flash: the CADRE is coming! and i do believe we are ALL OUTTA BUBBLE GUM!!!

  • Trojan Conquest

    I agree to some extent that Kiffin and Barkley need to start winning big games. But they did beat Notre Dame on the road the week before. And someone had to lose this game. It’s too bad that 2 of Barkley’s best games have come in Stanford losses. Barkley had a good game. He does need to connect on some of these long passes with open receivers. I’d love for SC to finish strong with a big win in Oregon. It would be a huge springboard for next year. If this happens, or even a close loss to Oregon, I believe SC would be ranked in the top 5 at the beginning of next year if Barkley comes back. If he goes pro, who knows?

  • Edward

    As much as it pains me to say this, because I have a lot of respect for all three…it’s time for the trainer to bring out the duct tape for Kiffen, Barkley, and Galippo.

  • marvgoux

    Why blame Matt at all? The defense gave up 516 yards and 56 points including that last drive after we took the lead in with 3 minutes left in the game. And there was no defense in OT including that 2 point conversion. Blame Monte.

  • Edward

    Goux…if you are referring to my comment, I am not blaming Galippo for his play. He’s busted his ass for USC for five years, and he has been outstanding. I do have a problem with his comments to the press. There is a reason they come to him, and Barkley, so much for interviews. Just waiting for a reckless reply. Check it out on this blog how few other Trojans are quoted. Hence, the tape reference. But, the HC has to set the example.