Kiffin, McDonald Statements

Here is Lane Kiffin’s statement on being fined $10,000 and reprimanded for his critical comments Saturday after the Stanford game.
And also included is T.J. McDonald’s comments after being suspended for a half-game by the Pac-12 for his personal foul penalty.

Lane Kiffin:

“We respectfully disagree with the suspension imposed on T.J. McDonald. He made a bang-bang play and his intent was not to hurt the receiver or launch his body at the receiver or lead with his helmet. If you watch the hit in real time, we feel it is impossible to competitively play that play any differently.

“T.J. is a tremendous player and leader for our team, and he has our full support. I know he felt badly about being penalized and the impact it had in the game.

“As for my reprimand and fine, after numerous conversations with the conference office, we have agreed to disagree. As I have been saying the past two days, we have moved on from last week’s game and we are preparing for a very challenging conference game this Friday at Colorado.”

T.J. McDonald:

“I accept my penalty and I apologize to my teammates, to our Trojan fans and to the Stanford team. I’m disappointed that I can’t be on the field with my teammates during the first half of this Friday’s game, but I know they will do a great job without me.

“I was not purposefully trying to hurt the receiver. As I said after the game, I will figure out a way to play physically and still stay within the rules.”

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  • 13-9

    TJ sounds like the adult in these quotes. Shocker.

  • @13-8 yah, maybe his coach can learn from TJ.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    agree, 13-9, and notice how while TJ sounds mature and the Sour Patch Kid still sounds like a petulant child, not actually apologizing for his comments including calling the ref a liar!!

    the real Kiff has finally revealed himself!!!!

    i can’t believe the Cadre fell for Sour Patch’s phony new image. the mask is off!!!!!

  • NOBS

    F the cadre. And Slob’s wife.

  • jack

    Hey all you FUCLA douchebags…how does this comment grab you?
    kconway said:
    Bruin Rob

    There is no question as to Wolf’s right to be small minded. We are exercising our right to call him out.

    I went to both UCLA and USC and the Bruins on this blog remind why i now consider myself a Trojan for life.

    So many UCLA “people” are irrationality controlled by USC envy/hatred. I don’t get it. UCLA is a great institution in many, many respect. USC is a also a great institution.

    Bruins get over your shallowness. You diminish yourselves and a the great university you alledge to support.

    October 30, 2011 11:59 AM
    One more thing Bruin slob…you’re so screwed up in the head you can’t even get the above posted score correct. Extract the cranium from the the rectal cavity. If that is too complicated for a man of your intellect I’ll say it this way…Pull your head out of your ass!

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    wolfman, this devastating loss calls for an Emergency Open Forum. only a nationally recognized figure such as yourself can handke the real questions fans need answered!!

    oh puleeeeeze, wolfman!!

  • @Jack, KConway is lying douche bag that he went to UCLA, he may have applied to go to UCLA but he’s part of the 75% statistics – you know, percentage of the USC students that are there because UCLA rejected their admission applications…which explains why you all so f*****g bitter…get over it already!!! ALSO, what score are referring to? can you please correct me?

  • SC for LIFE

    Don’t be jealous Panda pansies. We got a coach that tells it like it is! You got a coach that tells you what you want to hear. That’s why you’re UCLA and always mediocre.

    We set standards bitches! Down year? You’d make headlines with our down years! Lol… Like Corso said, it’s better for all of college football when SC football is doing well. UCLA? Nobody gives a shit!

    So you guys continue to share your opinions and fight songs with other schools. But just get the f*#k out the way… Cuz our losses get more headlines than your wins!!

  • NOBS

    Jack, go easy, Slob is touchy. Just ask his three goons (sons)….he used to “touchy” them when they were little.

  • Yah, SUC for LIFE, that’s why you and all these moron SUC fans can’t post a comment on a USC blog without mentioning UCLA. Such hypocrisy!!

    NOBS seriously, when was the last time you say your dick? do you piss allover yourself and resemble a shower? as your piss tries to make it’s way out from your 14 layers of fat? ROTFLMAO!!!

  • jack

    Wow Bruin Slob, with all your vitriolic postings, it sounds like you are overcompensating for some shortcomings that you have in your life. Talk about hypocrisy, all you FUCLA clowns CONSTANTLY posting on a USC blog, and you’re the ringleader. There is the pot calling the kettle black. From the sound of things Rob, you may want to inquire about getting some psychiatric help. UCLA has an excellent mental health facility right on campus.

  • SECTION 12 ROW 52

    Wouldn’t it be great if just one time a Referee would get fined for questioning the play calling, decisions and credibility of a Coach?

    Something like…..that fool Kiffin didn’t go for two in the 1st Overtime? What’s his deal? Wouldn’t beating Stanford with a 2 Point Conversion be sweet redemption for the 2 Point Attempt at the end of the 2009 game?

  • N0BS

    @Jack: Thanks for sticking up for me, maybe you want to be my new sweet lover? That b*tch Mono left me high, dry, and oh so lonely.

    Come to my bed, Jack (bending over) Take me you brute! take me…NOW!


  • NOBS

    Cool, Slob has brought back NZERObs. Nice try Slob.

  • SC for LIFE

    Slob – one word. MEDIOCRE! No one even gives a shit about your basketball program either. Enjoy it bitch. You’re gonna be there for a while!

  • jack

    There you have it Bruin Slob, you just proved my point. When are we going to see the drawings that you are known for? You would be an excellent case study for a psychology student. Your case study could be titled; The Delusional Psycosis of a Frustrated Athelte/Sportsfan. It would make for excellent reading.

  • N0BS

    SC4life: You know I prefer kids or dogs, but maybe YOU want to be my new sweet lover.

    Oh, come to me now my sweet lover SC4Life…I need it sooooo bad!

    I’ve been a very, very naughty boy!

  • Kudos to Kiffin for not backing down. He thinks we got screwed, isn’t afraid to say it, and won’t apologize for his opinions.

    Fight on!

  • Maze

    For Knobs: what, no “slope” or “spic” epithets this time? You’re surely slipping…tsk tsk.

    Given your proclivity for ignorant, racially-tinged remarks toward certain races, I’m curious about your stance toward the Black players on the FB team as well. Typical classless tr’OJ’an…cheat on!

  • Jethro Sabbath


    Your use of parentheseis sure reminds us of Charlie Bucket’s lame humor.

    You’re him, aren’t you?

  • Carlos

    Perhaps Kiffen spoke too honestly. Refs do have a hard job and have to make split second decisions that have an impact on a games outcome. Refs make mistakes all the time – they are human and nobody is perfect. But they get paid to do a job and if they make a mistake they should be open to criticism, just like everybody else.

  • BoscoH

    Screw Larry Scott. And good for Kiffin for sticking up for his player and the team. Haden should give Kiffin a $15K (after tax) bonus.

    And Fight On TJ! That tackle was textbook. No receiver is going to want to see if you’ll do that again.

  • ThaiMex

    Fite on, Double Standard U!

    Talented running back, Dillon Baxter gets DISMISSED FROM THE TEAM because he voices displeasure about lack of playing time, yet…..Lameass Kiffin can call ref’s LIARS, complain about ALL CALLS NOT GOING SUCks way, and, in general, act like a HORSES ASS. The idiot is supposed to be a ROLE MODEL, but we all know VISORS ARE FOR DOUCHEBAGS!

    Stanford game a MORAL victory? How can a “SCHOOL” without “MORALS” consider something like a MORAL VICTORY? Must be kind of like “JUMBO SHRIMP” or ARMY INTELLIGENCE”, right?

    Can’t wait for the rats to start JUMPING SHIP (or crying discrimination….) once the Todd McNair depositions are exposed. Wait till McNair spills his guts about the Cheating, lying, the payoffs at LIMBO U!

    Fite on, Sanction On, Spit on, and PLEASE PLEASE continue to GROPE ON! ( you cant spell SUCKS w/o USC!)

  • SUC for LIFE, Jack, and NOBS three of the most pathetic posters on here, I’m asking Scott Wolf to ban your lame asses from here…face it your team sucks, you claim to have this super team, yet you’re tied with UCLA in the Pac-12 standings, if we suck so do you!! LMAO
    taste it Jack!!! :>(__*__)
    lick it NOBS!! :p (__!__)
    SUC it for LIFE!! 8====D~O:

    There, you go BITCHES!!!


  • Sam GiIbert

    Ok BruinRob, you made your point. So you wiped the floor with three of out stupidest Trojans. Big Man. Why don’t you just leave it alone now.

  • sureshot

    The way he posts, there’s no way BruinRob’s hit puberty yet. I’m putting his age at 12, tops.

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    sureshot –

    You’ve pissed off 12 year olds around the world with that comment. I think BruinRob is older than 12, since he owns an RV. However, I bet his RV doubles as a meth lab, and the fumes from making meth have reduced his intelligence to what we he routinely displays here.

  • NJ Trojan

    BoscoH, I agree. I watched that play with my son the following day and I told him that was a clean hit. But obviously, we were wrong. I think the problem these days is when you leap head first, right? That was why the penalty was called and then the suspension was imposed, right? That and his shoulder hit the guy’s helmet, right? Those three things, 1) lauching 2) head first and 3) striking the player in the head–will get a penalty, right?

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Jethro!!! great to see you have re-opened your most puzzling cold case!!! however, once again a review of your forensic analysis reveals gaping holes!!

    C-Buck went to sleep at 9:47PM last night… how could i be ZERONobs when his last post was at 9:48PM????

    nice try, kid, but i have three exhausted Preferred Plus gals who will support my alibi!!

    maybe you better go re-open your other three year old cold case: the Baffling Case of the Missing Oreo Cookies!!

  • BruinTodd


    Lot of funny posts around here that post by bucket wins funnyest

  • BoscoH

    @NJ Trojan: I don’t think it’s that clear cut. Look, it was a vicious hit. We watched on the TV and I cringed, cheered, and hoped the Stanford player was still alive. But on the replay, fast and slow, it was totally clean. I think TJ is getting the bad end of this just for how vicious it looked in total, not any specific thing he did that violated any rule. Even the commentators thought it was a judgement call for the refs. So how does a judgement call for the refs turn into a 1/2 game suspension handed down by King Larry? That’s just insane. I don’t buy into a ref-level conspiracy, but this league stuff has the clear intent of protecting BCS contender Stanford from any adversity the rest of the season.

  • Thanks Mr. Gilbert for recognizing I wiped the floor with your 3 most stupid trojan posters. I will leave it alone now, but please know that my drawings are done thru their very own requests, they must have a fetish for them, I guess they can’t get the real thing. tehehehehe

  • in sheep’s clothing

    we’re finally seeing ‘lane f*cking kiffin, bro’ at USC – i saw that t-shirt saturday. pretty cool.

  • Sam Gilbert

    Well, we’ve now established that BruinRob is also the fake Sam Gilbert… or Sam Gi-upper-case i-bert

    You’re giving yourself away fat man.

  • NJ Trojan

    BoscoH: I agree with you that hit should have been cheered. That’s a big part of what football is all about. But I think that kids today have to avoid launching head first and striking the player in the head. Its like a crime that doesn’t require intent–just strict liability. If those three things happen, it hink the defender more often than not is going to get called.

  • @Sam Gilbert, what f**k are you talking about?? get back on your meds dude…Sam Gilbert: “I hear voices…”

  • Jethro Sabbath


    Nice try but your case was solved long ago.

    In case anybody has forgotten, Son of Charlie Bucket, ThaiMex, Count Smakula, Yoda and numerous “fakes” such as fake N0BS, fake Monopoly etc. all come from the same keyboard of a person with waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on his hands.

    Remember to follow the advice of one of your names and keep it classy!!!

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    @Jethro: as Ronnie Regan used to say, “there he goes again!”

    Jethro, (or should i call you Mel?) you are still the lone nut who struggles to perpetuate this kooky conspiracy theory!!

    and you never answered my question: when the Mail Man comes to your house do you leap from the bushes shouting “i know it’s you, Bucket!!” ??

  • Jethro Sabbath


    You’re one to talk, never having answered a question directed at you here but here you go:

    No I don’t. You only exist here, under many names.