• sdog

    I am repeating this post from another tread because I think it is relevant to Scott’s observation.

    I agree that you you cannot always blame the refs, there is always missed calls on both sides, however, you have to remember there is a history between SC and the Pac 10 refs. Last year the Pac 10/12 basically cleaned house, firing many of the game officials. This was brought about by indisputable evidence that there was a clear bias against SC. There was such a discrepancy between penalties called against SC and lack of penalties called against opponents the Pac 10/12 admitted they had “no explanation”. This was over an 8 year stretch, not just a one year anomaly. To the Pac 10/12 credit, they have tried to rectify the problem and on the whole the officiating has gotten much better.


    Final observations:

    1. Luck played a brilliant game except for that Pick-6 interception. But then he quickly recovered to march his team to a tying t.d. with only 3 minutes remaining. And, then, in 3 overtimes, Stanford was unstoppable because I think our boys were gassed.

    2. SC should have called timeout after Barkley placed SC in Stanford territory with less than 30 seconds to go. Yes, the clock stops momentarily, but then several seconds lapped off the clock, and SC lost a planned play as they hurriedly set up for an improvised play.

    3. I never blame the refs. They make bad calls, they miss calls, but I believe they are honest men making a lot of judgment calls. I believe the calls were 11 against Stanford, 3 against SC, so perhaps the refs’ rulings kind of evened out over the course of this 4-hour game.

    4. Great SC games?– Readers missed a few. Ugly Bucket came up with the 1954 SC-ucla game, only because ucla won it, but a 1954 game indicates Ugly has a media book in front of his face because I don’t think he was at that game. But who knows?

    How about the 1964 20-17 SC last minute victory over No. 1 ND, Fertig to Sherman

    The 1967 42-37 SC for a national championship in the Rose Bowl over Vanderkelen and Wisconsin.

    The 1969 Jimmy Jones pass to Sam Dickerson to beat ucla

    The 1972 SC victory over ND with AD running two kickbacks for tds

    The 1974 SC victory over ND, 55-24, scoring 55 points in 17 minutes!

    The 1975 Rose Bowl game where Pat Haden to J.K. McKay and then to Sheldon Diggs for 2-points in an 18-17 victory over Ohio State in the Rose Bowl, and another Trojan national championship

    The 1978 Stanford comeback that tied the game and cost SC still another national championship

    The 1996 SC victory over Northwestern in the Rose Bowl

    The 1999 SC victory over ucla to break the 8-game loss spell

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    sdog: that is the most bat-sh!t comment i have ever seen on this blog, and believe me, that is saying a mouthful!!

    “Pac 10/12 basically cleaned house, firing many of the game officials. This was brought about by indisputable evidence that there was a clear bias against SC.”

    say what??? (jim healy sound bite)

    where on Earth is Bounce Pass Haden?? his boy Kiff is off the reservation!! he’s gone rogue!! he has left the barn and jumped on the coo-coo train!!

    if Kiff looked at the tape, he has only himself to blame!! what a joke!! oh, i KNEW the real Lane Kiffen was hiding inside that new humble, conservative facade!!! this is the old 4th&1/Raider/Vol/Kiff!!!

    welcome back, Kiff!!!


    Oops, that victory over Wisconsin for John Mckay’s first national champion of four came in the 1963 Rose Bowl game not 1967

  • sdog

    Bucket- It is a matter of public record. Last year the Pac 10/12 made a concerted effort in improving the consistency of the officiating. Many of the long term refs were fired. This benefited SC, but also in the end was good for all schools.

  • spedjones

    wait, you’re telling me that the refs fumbled that ball in the 3OT? Dammit refs! HAHA, sore losers.

  • DixieTrojan

    USC lost. Mark the “L” on the schedule and move on with your lives.

  • spedjones

    I miss the daze when I could make “morning buzz” jokes about Baxter and have the trogans here get all uppity. How’d that work out again? Puff, puff pass ON!