USC Radio Feud

Radio hosts Marcellus Wiley and Max Kellerman of 710-AM were suspended for one day last week after USC athletic director Pat Haden complained to station management about disparaging remarks made about the university, according to sources.
Sources said the pair made critical comments about USC’s academics during their show broadcast from the lobby of Heritage Hall last Tuesday. Mychal Thompson and Mark Willard filled in for the duo on Wednesday. A source said the pair might also be replaced for tomorrow’s show from Heritage Hall.

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  • spedjones

    ruhroh…SUC, the home of the not-so-free press and the not-so-smart players.

  • .mownyc

    Yeah, and ucla athletes are rocket scientists, right ?


    and FUCLA, the home of the not-so-good football team. What’s smarter, making some dumb comments, or brawling with a team that is blowing you out?

  • Rich K

    It was reported in the USC blogs that Marcellus Wiley had commented over the air to then recruit De’Anthony Thomas to drop USC for Oregon. I’m sure there’s got to be some bad feelings over that. It’s interesting that such remarks about academics when the school is graduating athlete students higher than most of the other schools in the PAC-12 conference. I applaud Mr. Haden for bringing this to the forefront.

  • SC for LIFE

    Sped- at least defend yourself when you get called out like that! I like how you trolls quickly crawl back into your caves when you’re put into your place.

    Such quitters! Reminds me alot of your football team. Fight, you pussies! Fight!

  • spedjones

    haha, waaah, it must be the refs’ fault we lost! Talk about quitting – it seems to be a trademark of the Blame Kiffin era!

  • sdog

    The issue is 710am is the flagship station for USC. While I do not expect the radio hosts to be rah rah SC homers, I do expect it is not unreasonable that the hosts are at least neutral, not taking shots at SC while doing their broadcast from Heritage Hall, trying to be funny. Even 710 host, UCLA alum, John Ireland, while he openly roots for the Bruins, is fairly objective when commenting on USC.

  • “blame Kiffin” LMAO spedjones, that is funny.

    John Ireland is a piece of crap sellout.

  • gotroy22

    Pat Haden is against freedom of the press? Bad move Pat, especially on the heels of a tough loss on national TV. Makes you look petty and thin skinned. SC is greater than Max Kellerman. He’s a gnat and you don’t use a nuke against a mosquito. You ignore him and he goes away.

  • DixieTrojan


  • booty11

    Hey sped, it must be the fake refs fault who ran on the field that all your non athletic thugs started fighting before halftime right?

  • TrojanInMichigan

    Whatever the comments, there’s no way they match with the reality of SC’s academics or it’s relationship to student-athletes. I’m sure Haden is just driving home that point.

    US News and World Report, in their 2011 rankings had USC at 23, one spot ahead of UCLA. We’ve been climbing the last 10 years, and the Bruins have been dropping. Our endowment is larger, our campus is expanding, and our sports programs are better across the board, football most of all.

    Good for Pat Haden, complaining about “misinformation” on public broadcasting. The radio station is the reactionary in this situation – they could have just made an on-air apology, or brought Haden on to clear the air. Suspending sounds a bit too harsh. But sports talk radio has never been a bastion of intellectualism or reason.

  • Trojan Conquest

    I’m all for rivalry, but this type of reporting (or blogging)is junenile.
    “Contempt is the emotion we feel for an opponent whose arguments (or accomplishments) are too formidable to refute.”

  • NOBS

    OMG, I agree with the Slob again!

  • Trojan Conquest

    And this complaint coming from someone who knows something about reporting from a rival’s location. Haden was the color commentator for Notre Dame for many years. Class act.

  • NOBS

    It’s about time ShowBoat showed some BALLS. Way to go Pat, those two guys are almost as big of clowns as Petros and Scotty.

  • VB’s Office Plant

    Fellow bruins, why are you wasting time over here on this site. Come back to Jon Gold’s Blog and join the Celebration. The Bruins are Rollin, the CRN Gameplan is working and while it has taken a while to get over the Toledo & Dorrell era problems, Slick Rick (with the help of his revised Dream Team)is once again working his magic. The Rose Bowl is rocking (Barry Manilow) and the Free Tickets are flying out of your local Safeway. It is now safe to say The Monoploy is Over. Come back and join the party. We are beginning to work on our efforts to get DG to extend CRN’s Contract.

  • Wesley Snipes

    Haden complaining about the these idiots being disrespectful is in no way an attack on freedom of the press. Wiley and Kellerman were free to state their ill-informed opinions, but Haden is also free to voice his displeasure with their broadsides against the University he is proud to call his alma mater. Freedom of the press doesn’t mean that the members of the press are above criticism.

  • marvgoux

    Let’s see…we stand up to some two-bit radio hosts from some station no one listens to but let the NCAA run over us and make us the laughingstock of the nation ? Way to go Pat.

  • 420phototron

    There is freedom of commerce as well as freedom of speech.

    Sometimes freedom of speech can cost you freedom of commerce but rarely the contrary.

    Not to mention, as a private institution, access is allowed at the school’s discretion.

  • Bunch of crybabies at USC – from the fans to the coach to the A.D. But who could blame them, I suppose it UCLA was on probation for cheating, we would be as irritaable as USC. Who’s tied for 2nd in the Pac-12 standings? yup, you guessed it!! and we suck! LMAO

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    whathha??? so Bounce Pass Haden is going around trying to censor sport radio now?? what a crybaby dooosh!

    Bounce Pass, instead of being a radio Nazi, why don’t you worry about your off the reservation, gone rogue coach who is calling the refs liars and blaming everyone except himself for his own screwups!!!

    man what a bunch of thin-skinned trOXan whiners!!!

    what a disgrace!

    watch out wolfman, Bounce Pass may come after you next!!!!

  • spedjones

    LOL at troganmichigan. There are probably a hundred school rankings out there. Find me another one that has SC ahead of UCLA. I dares ya! Good luck.

  • @LMAO trOJan in Michigan, just like spedjones just said find JUST ONE other ranking that shows USC ahead…we dare you, clown, we dare you. LMAO LMAO LMAO

  • NOBS

    Slob, what does your wife look like? Are you ashamed?

  • NOBS, what does you dick look like? do you even know?

  • in sheep’s clothing

    i heard the broadcast. the only real problem is that they were factually wrong. they said ucla was the better school, that was factually incorrect. they also said columbia has a better film school – also factually incorrect. they used antiquated anti-USC biases. i don’t think they necessarily should’ve been suspended for a day – but at least they have updated information on current-day USC academics.

  • spedjones

    still waiting for that second ranking that has SC above UCLA… keep looking clowns!

  • NOBS

    Slob, ask your wife. SHE KNOWS>

    Spud, who cares? It doesn’t matter if USC is ranked #500 and Fucla is ranked #1. Fucla will NEVER be as prestigious, classy or POWERFUL in Southern California as USC. Live with it clown.

  • spedjones

    haha, that’s rich NOBS. Is that what they tell you at SC to make you feel up to snuff (or, perhaps more importantly, to make you feel better about spending all that money on a second-rate education)?

  • NOBS my wife said she tried looking for it, but each time she opened one layer of your fat, it would close another…she labeled her beeble attempt of finding your dick “Mission Impossible”. BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHA BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA it hurts to laugh so much.
    lick it, douche bag NOBS :> (___@___)

  • NOBS

    Spud, I KNOW my school is SUPERIOR to Fucla in EVERY aspect…..SO DO YOU.

  • NOBS

    Slob, I think your wife is confusing me with one of the other 5,000 Johns she done THIS YEAR.


  • KarlMorgan82

    HA! Hilarious!

  • spedjones

    NOBS is starting to spew a lot of BS. Superior in what way? Better education? No. Better location? Certainly not. Lower tuition? LOL. More NCAA titles? Nope. More famous murders? Ok, I’ll give you that one. Better NCAA sanctions? I’ll give you that one too. What am I missing?