Freshmen U.

Tailback Amir Carlisle talked about all the freshmen who played for USC tonight.
“We have a great class from top to bottom and we have a lot of talent out there and it’s going to be a bright future for USC.”
The Trojans started four true freshmen: Tre Madden, Lamar Dawson, Marcus Martin, Marqise Lee along with kicker Andre Heidari.

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  1. Years from now will fans recall the Colorado or the Stanford game?– I don’t like wipeouts, and in fact I didn’t watch the second half last night, the drama haven’t been removed by the sandlot passes for touchdowns. Just goes to show the value of cornerbacks and safeties.

    The team is progressing, and 4 of the starting 22 were true freshmen plus a freshman kicker, who is quite good. And the team is improving; perhaps the Kiffin boys know what they’re doing afterall.

    Now, SC will undoubtedly enter the Wash game favored, perhaps by 7, especially with the Huskies coming in after a “beat-up” game with Oregon this afternoon.

    Next, the Ducks in Eugene. I have to go to that game, because… because…yeah, admit it, SC has a chance, although it will be probably be an 11 point underdog.

    Finally, the UGLA BREWINS, where SC will be about a
    12-point favorite. I wonder if UGLY Bucket will show carrying his anti-Gallippo signage. I hope not; I would not want to see UGLY’s face.

    All in all, even the most negative Trojans must be feeling pretty darn good this morning!

  2. I think LJ, as well as sdbob and USCAlum on other posts, pretty much nailed it. I feel really good about the direction of this team/program. CU really was not a challenge, but after the past 2 emotional games, a softer opponent was welcome. And this team showed that it can bounce back from setbacks without a hangover. I would have preferred to see Kiffin run the ball more in the first half. The passing game seemed forced at times (i.e. throwing to Telfer in triple coverage). SC’s plan seemed to go for the jugular with deep passes against weaker CBs from play one. Perhaps not a bad plan, but Kiff also didn’t ask me for my input. And it did work just fine. On RW’s 2nd TD, I liked how Barkley extended the play and then threw over the top of the secondary. That was a play that I don’t recall him making during the previous 2 seasons.

    The contribution of the freshmen and sophomores now will pay huge returns in the next several years. Rod Gilmore commented last night that he thinks Matt Barkley will turn pro because the NFL needs QBs. I don’t believe he will go pro yet. He seems way to invested in USC and must know that he will be walking away from potentially the greatest single season in his college/pro career given the talent surrounding him. Also, it will be the last time in his football life that it is about fun, and not business. And then you factor in that he will be a leading Heisman candidate, a likely top-5 pick in the 2013 draft, and his squeaky clean image, and it means the media will fawn over him and he’ll get huge endorsement $ on top of an NFL contract. Looking at it from a $ perspective, his value increases greatly by waiting until 2013 rather than being the 3rd QB taken in 2012.

  3. @hdswkhj…..
    All well and good, but as I heard someone declare last night.. When they start waving $60M-$70M in front of his face, there’s not a whole lot that can obstruct that image in any young mans eyes.

  4. Gillyking –

    That’s a great point. Very easy for me to opine on what Matt Barkley should do when I really have nothing at stake. And there is definitely some wishful thinking on my part.

  5. @hdswkhj?
    Same here actually! I’d love to have the kid come back for his senior year, another year with this fabulous set of WR’s and the improving underclassmen. It don’t cost me a dime LOL..
    Whatever, our offense will still be in good hands deeply into the future, regardless if MB7 comes back to hone his accuracy factor or not.
    I see a dogfight between Kessler and Wittick next year if Barkley moves on, and I believe that either of them would beat out Scroggins based on what the three of them have shown to date.

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