Good Idea

USC president Max Nikias told me that he recommended to the Pac-12 that if the Trojans must host a midweek home game, it should be on Thanksgiving or the day after Thanksgiving.

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  • TremayneAnchrum

    Suck ups Nikias and Haden will roll over and do whatever the Pac=12 want.

  • BoscoH

    Good ideas. That’s why he’s a University President.

  • steve49

    Hey tremayne, it says they recommended to the PAC12. I don’t see where that is sucking up. It is a great idea, I would love to see SC on Thanksgiving. It would be better than watching SEC football.

  • Sam Gilbert


  • UCLA Dynasty

    Nothing like a stabbing to go with your turkey in the ghetto. Funny how 11of 12 Pac 12 teams have no such restrictions, but SUC’s hackneyed stadium and school plan have no parking. Meanwhile, I’ll be relaxing on the grass of the fairway, tossing the ball around, grilling up some premium stakes in the most beautiful stadium in the country.

    Crumble on, Yesterday U!

  • Trojan Conquest

    The USC/ASU Thanksgiving game sucked. I live in Arizona, and it kind of ruined Thanksgiving. The day after isn’t to bad. A USC/UCLA game on the Friday after Thanksgiving would be good.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    who in the hell wants to see a fallen, soiled university on Thanksgiving?? Southern Cal will be on probation for years to come…no one wants to see the school of OJ, Reggie and MacGuire on a sacred holiday!!
    this privilege should be reserved for schools with the highest moral compass and ethical standards!!

    it has been said a fallen woman should always be welcomed into church….but she should probably not be leading the choir on her first day!!

    My Cousin Vinny must be thinking he’s back in the venerable John McKay era!! face it, Vinny, this is now Breakin’ Bread U of Sexual Ballers(sic)!!!!! ugh.

  • TrojanFamily

    Actually, I’m thinking USC would draw a heck of a lot better ratings than UCLA would on any holiday. Then again, considering that the alleged UCLA fan Bucket probably couldn’t find the campus if he were on Westwood and Wilshire with a GPS, perhaps mentioning UCLA around him misses the point.

    I’ll speak to admissions, Bucket. Perhaps they can admit you on a provisional basis. You will, however, need to learn proper punctuation and take the TOEFL. By the way, what is your native language?

    (FYI, sic means “spelling incorrect.” It is used when you quote someone else who has misspelled a word. It will come in handy when someone quotes Bucket in the future).

  • dcard1097

    It’s ironic how someone could call USC “Yesterday U” when a lot of these young talented players make the future look pretty promising.
    UCLA fans, stop sipping on the Haterade. I know USC’s success must be frustrating for you, but if I were you, I’d focus my time and energy on supporting the Bruins instead of on this blog. Lord knows your disastrous, untalented, uncoachable team is in dire need of some support.

    Fight On

  • Trojan Conquest

    Why does anyone respond to this clown?

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    well, TrojanDumbFamily, you just fell into a common trOXan bear trap: tying to correct the Master C-Buck!!

    my usage of “sic” above is precisely correct. try the Wikipedia for an easy to understand explanation of usage!!

    OMG! this makes about the 5th-6th time some big mouth trOXan has tried to correct Chucker-Buck….each time a huge crash and burn!!! ugh, so embarrassing to try to correct your superiors, and be wrong!!! OOOOOOOOOOF!!

    i recall when the big fat Blow Bag LJ tried to correct my usage of Nattering Nabob, and the word “founder”!!

    and then there was the time my use of CHAMPING at the bit was challenged!!! it’s not “chomping at the bit” dummies!! yes!! you have been wrong all these years!!!

    did i correct LJ when he used the word dribble instead of drivel?? uh, well actually i did. but the KEY is I was RIGHT!!

    why on Earth would you Assorted Dummies try to match wits with Chucker-Bucker?? why not just challenge Clubber Lang to a street fight or challenge Marc Tyler to a contest in spitting on and groping young trOXan women?? better yet do it on Thanksgiving!! or would that not jibe with the Holiday Spirit???

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    oh i forgot:

    oh, ChuckerBucker, you’ve done it AGAIN!!!


  • TremayneAnchrum

    They’re sucking up to the PAC-12 again. They’re only “recommending” because the conference is trying to push them into another midweek game. They’re horrible for attendance and the Thanksgiving day or day after games are awful and uninspiring, unless you actually liked the La. Tech game..

  • Mickhooligan

    Hey UCLA Dynasty, while you enjoy your wood stick (stake) used to kill vampires, we will enjoy our USDA choice cut steaks.Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    more atrocious Pac-12 officiating in the OSU-Stanford game…and what a shocker…in Stanford’s favor. Took away a OSU defensive TD on a perfectly clean hit.

  • TrojanFamily

    Actually, Mr. Bucket, had you checked MLA rather than the wholly inappropriate wikipedia, you would have found the following:

    Inserting sic following a quote indicates “the quotation is accurate even though the spelling or logic might make [the reader] think otherwise.”

    The proper use would be to quote Mr. Bucket or one of his other persona such as ThaiMex by quoting “trOXan” (sic)” “Fite (sic) On, Torgans (sic).”

    But of course, if you cite wikipedia, like Mr. Bucket has, you could have learned that the comedian Sinbad had died (2007), as had Miley Cyrus in a horrible car crash (2008). You could learn that golfer Fuzzy Zoeller was “polishing off a fifth of Jack after popping a handful of Vicodin pills” and had also beaten his wife and children after drinking and taking drugs.” Of course, you could have fashioned yourself like Otto from a Fish Called Wanda, and stated that Plato “was an ancient Hawaiian weather man and surfer, writer of cosmo girls and founder of the punahou in Ancient Florida.”

    (all of these examples are found at :

    The point, is, of course, had Mr. Bucket studied a bit harder rather than worked on his “Nature Boy” Ric Flair impersonations, he could have secured admission to a fine institution like the University of Southern California. He would have learned the art of critical analysis of sources.

    And of course, he could have become a fan of the finest football team in southern California.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    ugh, lame try at a comeback, DumbFamily. you only succeeded in validating my point: “the quotation is accurate even though the spelling or logic might make [the reader] think otherwise.”

    is so hard to admit you were wrong? then you spend a lot of time you attacking the venerable Wiki, even though i suggested that only as a helpful tip to you, due to its provincial nature!! don’t be hatin’ on it!!

    DumbFamily, learn from the other trOXans like NOBBS, Mono and LJ…better to just keep your mouth shut and take your whuppin’ from C-Buck!! fighting back only makes it worse!!!

  • dcard1097

    TrojanFamily cracks me up lol

    Son of Charlie Bucket, your posts are a tad boring,and not to mention kind of long. I lose interest after reading them about half way through. If you are going to post here please make them ineteresting!!

  • Trojan 70

    Hey ChuckerPhuquer – How’s that obsession with USC going today? Beautiful Saturday afternoon and you have posted 4 times trying to impress everyone with what you call satire. You are smart enough to know which university in this town holds your true, utter fascination. OK you come back with “Oh ChuckerPhuquer, you done it again.” What a limp dick dreamer you must be. You hang in there in your Mom’s basement with one hand on the keyoboard and the other one on your pud and post again on the USC blog. What a total loser…

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    Wow! Another pro-Stanford holding penalty on a non-hold that takes away a 30 yard OSU play. I’m skeptical of the Pac-12/Stanford conspiracy theory, but these refs are not doing a thing to dissuade that thinking.

  • Gillyking

    U r sew rong bucket of crap!

    Bottom line is that you are not a Trojan! You can never become a Trojan! It hurts you so badly that can never be one of us, that you fester here, making a monumental fool of yourself! The longer you continue,the more hours you waste and the more invested you become in your multi-alias game playing, the bigger fool you make of yourself. Attempting all that you can, to masque the hurt of the impossible! Your frustrations of being prisoner to the “wannabe syndrome”!

    All the attempts at being clever, all the efforting of wasteful rhetoric, it makes no difference in the simple fact that your are just NOT A TROJAN! So keep bringing it on, if it eases your pains, but always keep in mind that Trojans consider you to be a fool and you prove it on a regular basis.

    I know it’s difficult, painful and frustrating, but eat your heart out knowing that you can never become what you so desperately wish would be possible! You are simply beneath us and you can never become one of us! A USC Trojan! Notice how it’s spelled Chucker… TROJAN! We are certainly sorry that you’ll never Fight On! Sucks to be you!

  • Gillyking

    @How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    How correct you are regarding the Pac 12 refs… They have brutalized Oregon State in this game, insuring a Stanford win today! These guys are even worse that the jerkoffs that guaranteed Stanford’s win last week!

  • steve49

    OMG Bucker uses the word venerable. I thought only a dumb$hit like Wolfie resorted to that. Perhaps? Could it be true? The Bucker could be none other than Scott Wolf?
    Now it all makes sense, although bucker rarely does. Can’t you feel the love on the blog?

  • norcaltroy

    @steve49 – Bucket is not Wolf. As annoying and monotonous as he is, he’s clearly got more grey matter than SW.

  • steve49

    Ya, I got agree with that.

  • Jethro Sabbath


    You forgot to mention that when you brought up the “champing at the bit” story it was determined that chomping was also acceptable so nobody was wrong. Much worse for you though, was when you said that the bit was used to “steer the horse” and were corrected that nobody steers a horse, rather you guide it. You fell into your own trap and were embarrased in front of everyone.
    From now on if you are going to bring up the past, please do it accurately.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Jethro: guiding a horse? oh yeah i hear all the cowboys say “lets go guide a horse!”

    gawd, gimmie a break! you and your cyber-bully trOXans reek of desperation!!

    i continue to be amazed at how the assorted dummies and Nabobs study my posts for clues down the details of when i post!

    i am working all day today…from dawn to the witching hour!! the candy business is cut-throat!! but i am still here to watch the wolfman’s back!!

    i got your back wolfman!!