Answer Sunday!

Time to answer some more questions.

Q: Rex Griswald said:
Scott – Would you give a rundown of the players that left USC under the NCAA’s “free agent” rule and give an update on where they are now and how they are doing?

A: The two most successful are Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones and Tennessee defensive end Malik Jackson. Jones had four sacks last week against Florida. Jackson leads Tennessee in tackles for loss (6.5) and quarterback hurries (7).
Travon Patterson played at Colorado last season and was trying to continue his career in pro football. Tailback D.J. Shoemate suffered a knee injury and is out for the season.
Blake Ayles was injured before the season and last time I checked had not caught a pass at Miami.

Q: The Monopoly Is Over Here said:
The last time SC lost in 3OT, we ripped off 34 straight. What do you think our chances are this time? Also, there are no moral victories at USC, but can you imagine what the Bruins would say if they lost in 3OT to the #4 team in the nation?

A: The chances of winning 34 straight? Zero. I was told by a friend that Lindsay Soto said it was a moral victory on the weekly USC show on Fox, so maybe USC does believe in them. I’m sure UCLA would be happy.

Q: Count” Smackula said:
Vulfman, vhat vas zee best Qvote avter zee Schtanfort game?

a) “I vas lied to” (Kiff)
b) “It vas a freak play” (Kiff)
c) “I feel so alive!! Auuu-Wooooooooo!!” (Charlie Bucket)
d) “Kiffin chose a different role zhat comes natural: Vhiner.” (Vulfman)

A: I will go with A. Kiffin saying he was lied to was quite entertaining.

Q: I DIg Go Go Girls said:
For Kiffin to say that the screen is their “fastest play” is stupid. It might take 3-4 seconds to execute, but it’s all about the run after the catch on that type of play, you don’t run that play to make 7-10 yards in 4-5 seconds. It’s hard to fathom that coach Kifin doesn’t have one down and out or TE over the middle play on his massive face covering play card. Can you check to see if coach Kiffin does indeed have neither of these plays on his card.

A: The play chart is kept in a safe at an undisclosed location on campus. Any manager who loses it is threatened with expulsion from the university.

Q: The Ghost of John McKay said:
I’ve been a USC fan since the McKay years. I don’t ever remember McKay blaming the players for a loss or whining for 3 days about the refs nor can I remember any other USC coach doing this. I think I would have a lot more respect for Kiffin if he would just take responsibility for the teams fortunes when things don’t go right. I think he’s a narcissist which means he won’t take blame for anything and will pass blame onto others when things go bad. You are around him on a daily basis, is he just a whiner or is that the persona he gives the public and if he is a whiner, shouldn’t someone at USC get him straightened out and tell him to cut the whining crap to the media ?

A: He is a top-notch grumbler. What I mean he loves to complain whenever he gets asked to do things or change his schedule. I remember last spring when their was a meeting he had to attend on campus and he said, “I could be watching film right now.” That’s sort of who he is. It graduates to whining in important situations.
He also does not know when to ease up. Constantly talking about Notre Dame making the USC their “Super Bowl” got old pretty fast. And then complaining about the officiating was worse.
I mentioned last week that Joel Klatt asked me if Kiffin ever took responsibility for a loss. I can’t say I have.

Q: scottrojan said:
During one of the overtime periods there was a holding call on one of Stanford’s linemen and it was ruled a spot foul rather then 10 yard from the line of scrimmage even though the hold did not occur down the field. Was there ever any reason given for this. Even Brent and Herbstret seemed perplexed on the broadcast. Thanks.

A: No explanation was ever given. Lane Kiffin had a legitimate gripe on that one.

  • sureshot

    You know who else likes to grumble? Me. I like to grumble when the beat writer for USC can’t even get elementary facts about the program correct.

    Jarvis Jones didn’t leave USC under the “free agent rule”… he left because USC doctors wouldn’t clear him. He wasn’t even eligible to leave under the “free agent” rules as he was a freshman, going into his sophomore year. As you well know (or should know) only juniors and seniors were eligible to leave without penalty.

    Your (lack of) knowledge continues to astound the many readers of this blog.

  • ThaiMex

    Mono (rhymes w/u-no what…) No moral Victories??? yet after the loss you claimed SUCks should be ranked in the TOP 5? You blamed the Ref’s instead of taking your medicine like a MAN! You also predicted an UNDEFEATED SEASON earlier. Now…you ask about the chances of a string of 34 straight? I thought GLUE SNIFFING went OUT years ago! Limbo U is about to get their azzes handed to them by OREGON and their sensational Freshman TERROR, DeAnthony Thomas (remember him?…earlier you suggested he was TOO SMALL and would be ineffective at the Collegiate level…after he changed his mind and decided not to go with the WHINERS). Tell you what…Sanctioned U wins vs. Oregon and I disappear…Oregon wins and…
    1) No Excuses from any of you BOZO’s
    2) You admit you are really El BeSea
    How ’bout it Big Guy?
    fite on Torgan!
    (Garrett was right…The Schedule Makers, Referees, The Odds Makers, The official Scorer’s, The media, The Republicans and Democrats are all Jealous, and WISH THEY WERE TROXANS!)
    GROPE on Delusional U !

  • “Count” Smackula

    Sanks for zee great response, Vulfman.

    I preferrt your qvote about Kiffinks beink a vhiner!

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Wow, slopespic has a button, and I pressed it????