Sarksian On Holt Flap

Steve Sarkisian said this today about Nick Holt’s comments on preferring to face USC instead of Oregon.
“I think you could ask every defensive coordinator in our conference the same question and they’d tell you the same thing. Oregon is hard to prepare for because of how unique they are. That doesn’t mean that SC is not really good. I think they are a tremendous football team, and I think Nick would agree with that.”

7 thoughts on “Sarksian On Holt Flap

  1. fucla cadre

    We, The University of Southern California Trojans, are a Tremendous Footbal Team. Sarky’s got it right. If ASU runs the table and UCLA wins two before having it shoved up their a** on Dec 3, ASU is 2011 Southern PAC 12 Champion and UCLA is up sh*t creek at 7-5, begging for bowl mercy.

    See ya, Dec 3…


  2. and….AFTER the Trobans lose the Three remaining games…SUCks finishes with a record of 7-5. What BOWL GAME do they get invited to? OOPS! I FORGOT! Cheaters got SANCTIONED.
    DUMB on, Fite on, SPIT on, and do a little gropin’ while you’re at it, LIMBO U.

  3. Welcome back to Jeopardy…. next category, Pac 12 coaches for $800.

    We’re two Pac 12 coaches who largely got our jobs by running out our mentor and benefitting from illegal recruiting practices instituted by our former boss and head coach. If we coach in this league for 20 years we’ll have no conference championships because we’re a couple of boobs.

    Who are Lane Kiffen and Steve Sarkesian?

    See you dummies in a few weeks… I get the feeling the 5th anniversary of 13-9 is gonna be special. Let’s just say I plan on celebrating with my Bruin brothers and sisters on your 50 yard line after the game.

  4. I wonder if slope spic will take his hut dug cart to the Eagle Bank Bowl….

  5. In Dick Emberg voice “my oh my!” how things have changed!! two weeks ago all you USC clowns were laughing your asses off at UCLA’s football team…today? UCLA is in control of their own destiny, and to make it a little easier for us, either Cal or Arizona will upset the Sundevils, and we will beat Utah, and Colorado a home, and we will beat USC…and we will advance to the first Pac-12 title game, and hopefully we will have a rematch with Stanford, beat their asses and we will play in Rose Bowl OUR HOME, and beat Ohio State and UCLA will end up with 10 wins, then we will take half of your recruits, and we will all be happy in Westwood, while you all will be crying like little beyatches in South Central.

  6. @Moron, although the Bruins have an easy road to winning the division now (although I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they blew it), you’d be lying to say it wouldn’t bother you to know UCLA would have a big fat * next to their name seeing as the best team wasn’t eligible! I mean, USC is far and away the best team, and they’ll prove it 11/26. Fight on!

  7. Golly brurob, we can truly feel the love. I love to see lesser schools trying to attain the greatness of USC. We know you and the mextai feel that if you bring us down to your level then of course you will attain greatness, but rest assured, we will do our best and you will still be envious. Please enjoy our hospitality and have a great day.

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