Paterno Post

Due to the events of today, here is a post for readers to discuss the firing of Penn State coach Joe Paterno.

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  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    Lev has a great blog entry on Nickell Robey and what a awesome kid he seems to be. Check it out, or read about it here next week.

  • NOBS

    F Paterno for what he allowed Sandusky to do to Slob.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    forget Jo-Pa, of real interest is the LAT 20 greatest sports figures in LA history!!

    two of the top 5 and three of top 10 are UCLA BRUINS!!!!

    nearest trOXan??? #17 Marcus “Pine Rider” Allen

    NOW, if they did a 10 most notorious LA sports figures, THEN the trOXans would REALLY SHINE!!!

    OJ I, OJ II, Reggie, MacGuire, Carroll, McNair, Guillory, etc etc etc!!! HOOOOOO-DOGGGY!!!!!

  • timmay

    Of two minds. Glad to see the message sent that this sort of behavior and those who sweep it under the rug to protect the image of a football program and school should be penalized. The particular nature of the offense is just so wrong, and that it continued, facilitated by the university because people wanted to maintain an image is just ugly.

    I also wonder though just how much Paterno is being made the scape goat. He allegedly passed along word of an unspecified inappropriate incident of a sexual nature to his higher ups (the AD, and the president) at a university that has a whole office of state police that regularly works with outside law enforcement. Is that a non-report? Did he have too much faith in the university leaders to do the no-brainer and call the university police and tell them to contact all the appropriate external law enforcement agencies to get to the bottom of what was going on?

    If you look at what happened when it was reported elsewhere with the schools, it was not straightforward but it took someone banning Sandusky from one district, then that triggering the call to police and then the attorney general, etc. There was a lot of ball dropping all which would have been avoided if the people who first had it referred to them went to the proper authorities.

    Sure Paterno could have/should have done so himself but it was the university leadership that Paterno referred the individuals to with the more than reasonable idea perhaps that they would find the correct investigators. Instead they swept it under the rug and announced an “all clear” while the whole abuse scandal continued.

    I can’t help but feel that they could have handled this better and let Paterno give presser, speaking to the incident and announcing his retirement say in the next two weeks to transition or at the close of the regular season (almost the same thing). That way PSU and Paterno could have maintained some dignity.

    As it is, this looks more like this particular PSU leadership who long wanted Paterno out (after attempting at least once before to fire him) is not taking the opportunity to get back at Paterno. The animosity between those particular trustees and Paterno is well reported. That just strengthens the initial image that PSU is a petty, ugly place where back room dealing and amoral politics are behind a BS facade of “Happy Valley” and season ticket packages.

  • NOBS and Sandusky, both the biggest waste of humans taking space on our planet…both NOBS and Sandusky should be sent to gas chamber, or have an old fashion stoning outside the courthouse, both are a disgrace to our human race…I bet NOBS has molested children, just like he molests his poodle…sick basTURD.

  • Gollum Uncensored

    Looks like you hit a nerve there, NOBS…maybe explains the Cadre’s affinity (Slob, SOB, spud, C^nt, ThaiTaco, et. al.) for certain establishments in West Hollywood?

  • uscmike

    Penn State certainly had the right to fire Paterno and had the justification for doing so. (I would have liked to see Paterno retire at season’s end.) However, the school botched it (like everything else with this mess) by not telling him in person that he was fired.

  • USConquer

    @Gollum, that’s striaght up ignorant for you to equate pedophiles with gay hearvy establishments.

  • DixieTrojan

    Given that the NCAA wants to ensure the ethical practices of college athletic departments, where is the investigation into Penn State? Assuming that USC should have known about the deal that Reggie Bush’s parents brokered with those “sports agents”, why isn’t the NCAA investigating what Penn State knew about the child molestation allegations?

    Apparently the NCAA views the payment of a player’s financially -challenged parents as a more heinous crime than child milestation. Paterno should have at least a decade of wins taken away.

    USC students are the ones who should be rioting. Occupy the NCAA.

  • marvgoux

    Did the Penn State Board leave a message that Joe Pa was fired like Mike Garrett did when he fired JRob?

  • NOBS

    Oh no. Poor Slob. It WAS you that Sandusky was with in the shower. I’m soooooo sorry. I will cease toying and schooling you as I’m now sure that episode with Coach Sandusky was what makes you so angry. Slob, let’s have coffee together and get you through this. BTW, just one question. Did you enjoy it?

  • BoscoH

    No quite marvgoux… They sent him an envelope and asked him to call.

    The trending topic on Twitter this morning is a rumor that Sandusky is being investigated for using his foundation, Second Mile, to pimp out boys to rich donors. Curiously, the reporter who brought this to light, Mark Madden, has a passing interest in soccer.!/MarkMaddenX

  • NOBS, not as much as you enjoy licking your poodles balls before he buries his schlong into you…have you recovered from the bite marks Fidos left you on your back? you fat-ass dickless wanderer.

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    1. Those fools rioting at Penn State should all be ashamed of themselves, and hopefully they will one day realize that.

    2. I don’t have much sympathy for Paterno. He needed to get the axe yesterday. I get that he didn’t molest any kids himself, but that’s not the point. He sat on his hands after making one report to his “superior”, the AD. If he truly did nothing wrong, then the question is: for how many years must you coach at a college before you earn the right to be indifferent to kids getting raped by your assistant coach? That’s crazy.

    3. On the bright side, at least Kiffin is no longer America’s Most Hated Coach.

  • dtksr1

    The crimes that took place at Penn St. was a by-product of what has been the case for many years. You have a coach with an incredible ego who selfishly held onto his position thru intimidation. This man was given the chance to be a headcoach at a reasonably acceptable age. But he later denied others the same opportunity by refusing to quit. His program became what he was, an intimidating-do what your told and don’t make waves as I’m watching you. He took care of those that were loyal to him and in this case today, it came back to bite him and gave the university a way out to fire his ass. Now there will be pity for him, but also discust in his non-actions. He will land on his feet as an old man finally set out to pasture, but what about those who worked for him and will now be tarnished? It was all about his ego.

  • Trojanfan

    son of charlie bucket = dick with ears……LOL

  • NOBS

    Slob, I’m SO happy you have gotten over your “shower” with Coach Sandusky. So in honor or your toughness, you will now be know as:

    bRuinSlobDusky…..or SlobDusky for short


  • TrojanFamily

    Mr Buckets,

    Now now, you demean yourself when you attempt to compare a horrific charge of child molestation with one where an agent apparently paid players. You are better than that. Even an irrational hatred of the Trojan Family shouldn’t compel such a ridiculously inappropriate post like yours on a thread on Penn State.

    Rise up above your apparent nature. I know you have it in you.


    One of my associates is a Penn State grad, and he states that Penn State is located out in the middle of nowhere in the wilds of Pennsylvania, and is subject to its own rules. There is a lot of ‘sweeping the dirt under the rug’ goings-on.

    Just the idea of a coach witnessing another coach having sex with a child is about as gross as it gets. You would think that the predator would be jailed and fired all in the same moment.– But apparently Paterno did not wish to rock his boat of having one of the Top-10 football programs in the country, and wanted to keep his bright, successful defensive coach Sandgoofsky on his staff.– Bad decision, Joe.

    It may be the only major mistake of Paterno’s life, but a lot of guys are doing long prison terms for just one major mistake in their lives i.e. murder, rape,
    kidnapping, statutory rape. Paterno will not get the death penalty for his error, or even a jail term, but it probably marks the death penalty of his reputation.

  • NOBS

    SlobDusky must have been napping this afternoon. Hope is anger has subsided. He’s such a cute guy. But, who knows? Oh, sorry SlobDusky, I used “but” again.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    TrojanFamily: whaatha?? i did not compare any one to those Penn St bums. i was just referring to a LAT story and threw in some historical digs at Southern Cal.

    frankly the Penn St story is so vile i am stupified by it and the sad part is its gonna get much worse when all the info comes out.

    but since you mention comparisons, there is one Trojan reader on this blog who constantly refers to child molestation and no trXOans seem to mind it much.

  • @son of Charlie, it’s not that the trojan family does not mind that a certain reader in this blog is posting retarded references to this most horrific act…the truth is I don’t think ANYONE reads what this butt hole writes, there is nothing but hatred in him…I don’t know of another human being that posts crap about someone’s wife that’s been dead for 19 years, and calling other’s children slobs, and goons, and filled with gay slurs…so why is it surprising to you or anyone that NOBS is the lowlife that he is? he is a despicable human being to say the least, and in no way shape of form does he represent the views or opinions of any human other human being, let alone that of a trojan fan, or alumni.

  • NOBS

    SlobDusky, you are a riot. How would ANYONE know about your family if your ego wasn’t so large that you think we all want to know your life story. Now you try to get some pity from another Fucla @$$hole. Just because you and Sandusky are together, don’t bring me in on it. And quite frankly, YOU are the one that is filled with hatred and make personal attacks(including anamials?? Who’s the sick one?). So, F U SlobDusky and the three slobs.

  • spedjones

    haha, leave it to a trogan to turn these disgusting events into a “SC’s been jobbed” issue. Way to go Dixie – you’re proof that trogans still have a long way to go before they’re half as smart and classy as Bruins!

  • N0BS

    BruinRob: I DO represent USC. You should take my fellow Trojans lack of objection to my profane comments as approval/concurrence.

    Why would anyone think I was sympathetic to Sandusky?:

    NOBS said:
    Prof. Slob, aka JBoy, your daughter NEVER complains about my dog’s pecker. When’s the next U.S. History lesson? hahahahahaha ROFLMAO

    September 3, 2011 5:27 AM

    NOBS said:
    bRuinB00b, AP – enough said. Btw, I did your daughter right after beating the Sooners. Sweeeeeeeeet

    June 6, 2011 2:34 PM

    I have many more of my Greatest Hits to share…

  • NOBS

    NZERObs, it OBVIOUS you are SlobDusky. So F U.

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    @ sped: In fairness to Dixie, I have heard/seen a number of non-USC folks in sports media ruminating over the odd notion that if Sandusky had bought a player a T-shirt, that would be an NCAA infraction, but because he “only” raped children, Penn State is in the clear with the NCAA. Similarly, some have asked, “If this is not a lack of institutional control, what in God’s name is?” Personally, I think it would be fair for the NCAA to point out that its role is not to enforce federal or state CRIMINAL laws; that’s for the police and prosecutors. Not every enforcement agency enforces everything; for instance, you don’t call the Federal Trade Commission if someone steals your car.

    @ BruinRob and Bucket, I think that many USC fans would prefer that NOBS quit posting such nasty stuff, but then again, I bet many UCLA alums would be embarrassed by BruinRob’s butt drawings.

  • N0BS

    Great points Mr. W.E.B. I do find it amusing that invariably we discover that the most intelligent USC sympathizers on this blog aren’t actually USC Alums.

    I, for example, am neither Bruin nor Trojan. I’m a Duck. QUACK!

  • dtksr1

    I read it, and could it be true?

    If an older female stalks a younger male, she is called a cougar.
    If an older male stalks a younger male, he is called a nittany lion.

  • NOBS

    NZERObs, it OBVIOUS you are SlobDusky. So F U.

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Actually, I went to USC for undergrad.

  • NOBS, you’re on sick son of “bitch” no doubt…you define “scum” to the tee. It’s obvious, you’re one bitter mother effer that lacked the proper guidance growing up…it wouldn’t surprise to one day hear of your arrest for a similar offense to someone’s child…may God/or the devil take your pathetick soul before you ever hurt a child, or abuse you poor little dog again.

  • NOBS

    SlobDusky, you are hilarious. Talking about animals again? hmmmmmmm. Who’s the sick one. You meetng me tonight or you showering with the three little slobs?
    Don’t forget to take your meds.

  • NOBS how many children have you molested? I know, I know, it’s hard to that when you have your dick somewhere in your 13 layers of fat…but with your thoghts alone, now child is safe around you…just like Sandusky, I’m sure your own children have a restraining order on you fat ass, right? gee how did I know that?

  • Jethro Sabbath


    I am prepared to denounce the childish postings of a certain individual here as an embarrassment but in doing so ask for some honesty and admissions from you in return.

    What do you say, Chuck, deal?

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Brother Jethro, just be careful not to denounce the real NOBS, a swell guy who would never post the nasty comments on this thread.